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Posted By : Martin Banett
7/23/2021 12:08 AM

Circumcision continues to be a topic of debate in the United States. This procedure involves removing a prepuce that is proximal to the penile shaft. A prepuce is a skin that covers the glans penis and sometimes, it can cover it entirely to necessitate circumcision. In such a case, the procedure is performed for therapeutic purposes. However, in some instances, parents want doctors to circumcise their male infants because of religious or cultural requirements. Although the act has been associated with many advantages, other research studies indicate that circumcision does not have significant health benefits. Consequently, the debate regarding the process continues, and many people chose to disregard circumcision. Therefore, it is important to examine the background of the topic, its benefits, the debates surrounding it, and various arguments to understand the context, in which people know it. Although many anthropologists disagree on the origin of circumcision, the current practice in the USA has spread from the Jews. Thus, Jews have always regarded circumcision as a religious practice. This practice spread from them to most parts of the world, including the United States. Then, the US citizens have adopted it, and it became a regular procedure, particularly after World War II. However, controversies and contradictions regarding circumcision started arising. Many researchers began conducting studies on the benefits of circumcision. Thus, various researchers had identified that the circumcised males had lower chances of contracting sexually transmitted diseases. Furthermore, they had decreased chances of contracting urinary tract infections. However, the evidence was not enough to warrant the continuity of the practice. Accordingly, since 1970 to 2003, the circumcision rates dropped from 84% to 75%. Since then, various debates have intensified regarding the legality of the practice. Currently, the debates on circumcision have increased in healthcare setting due to the observance of the code of ethics. For example, the Circumcision Resource Center claims that infant circumcision is illegitimate because it does not consider the consent of the child. Furthermore, in as much as a parent has a moral responsibility to provide the consent on behalf of the child, this practice can lead to long-lasting psychological effects on the child. However, no valid research confirms that children experience mental problems later in life (. Therefore, circumcision remains a contentious issue despite its supposed benefits. Despite the relevance of circumcision, many people regard it as unnecessary. For instance, indicates that nature does not make a mistake when people are born with a prepuce. For that reason, many people consider circumcision a way of altering the body from its intended normal physiological state. Additionally, most people say that medical practitioners do it for wrong reasons, for example, for money. Since the procedure inflicts harm and it is done for wrong reasons, most people see it as a dangerous method that should not be done to the infants. Despite these arguments, Hall claims that in many hospitals, doctors have fixed salaries that do not warrant looking for money from circumcision. At the same time, indicates that this practice reduces the chances of circumcision and thus, doctors do it for the right reasons. Consequently, the public debate on this issue continues without a conclusive approach. Although medical practitioners and the public continue to hold varying views on circumcision, this practice is therapeutic since it reduces infections among males. Thus, not only does circumcision help keep the penis clean, but it also minimizes chances of contracting sexually transmitted diseases. At the same time, Hall argues that an uncircumcised penis can result in a moist glans, which becomes a site for bacterial growth, thus leading to various venereal diseases. Additionally, the prepuce can produce a foul smell during the infection and further result in the production of smegma. Nevertheless, Hirshberg is of the opinion that circumcision is important because it minimizes the chances of contracting cancer and urinary tract infections. However, besides these benefits, Hall indicates that it is crucial to use protection when having sex to minimize the chances of diseases since circumcision alone does not guarantee full protection from them. These statements dispute the benefits of the practice and make some people question whether it is necessary to do circumcision at all. Although research has shown some benefits of circumcision, many people still see it as a disadvantageous procedure. Thus, Hall insists that the penis has important nerve endings and they help men to enjoy sexual intercourse. At the same time, when children are circumcised, they are at risk of bleeding or contracting some infection. Moreover, most children, who undergo circumcision, do not have proper judgment to consent to the procedure. Furthermore, others see it as genital mutilation even though it is done to male children. Despite these views, Hall claims that circumcision has many benefits, including disease prevention, and many parents should consider allowing their children to be circumcised. Nevertheless, the responsibility to make decisions lies with the parents and not the children. Therefore, numerous explanations on the disadvantages of circumcision exist, but they do not outweigh the advantages. Although circumcision has been associated with various advantages, the controversies surrounding it have made many people disregard this procedure. Various researchers have identified that it prevents men from contracting diseases such as urinary tract infections and sexually transmitted diseases. However, other researchers have termed circumcision as an insignificant procedure that should be disregarded due to few benefits. Therefore, healthcare providers should inform the parents of the available facts about the method so that they could make informed choices.

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