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Posted By : Keira Rose
7/31/2014 11:33 AM

For those planning on going abroad to further their studies, choosing the right educational institution can be a little bit harder, especially with thousands of schools around the globe. However, there are plenty of educational institutions that offer the best education. Below is a list of top 10 amazing educational institutes over the world that an individual can choose from.

1. California institute of technology

Located in Pasadena, USA, this educational institute is considered one of the best in the world. The university offers outstanding academic courses in chemistry, biology, engineering, chemical engineering, applied sciences, geology, social sciences, astrology, mathematics and many more. According to different surveys, this educational institute has continuously maintained its top position for decades.

2. Harvard University

Founded in 1636, it is the oldest university in the US. It is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts in eastern coast of USA. The rich history of the university offers unique learning experiences to all students from every part of the world across broad spectrum of academic and social environments. For decades now, the university has gained high reputation for its excellence in education.

3. Massachusetts institute of technology

This university ranks amongst the top universities in the world. It consists of five schools and one college namely:

· School of engineering

· School of architecture and planning

· School of humanities

· School of management

· School of science

· Whitaker College of health sciences & technology

This institution is known to be independent, coeducational, and privately endowed.

4. University of York

Located in the UK, its motto is “on the threshold of wisdom” and it was established in1963. This school boasts top notch lecturers and educational materials to aid students when studying. It has large number of students from all over the world with the total number of students being 15,265.

5. Stanford University

Located in California, this is one of the best universities in the world offering exceptional teachings and research facilities to all its students. Having gifted 17 Nobel laureates as well as four Pulitzer Prize winners, it means that is a good university for everyone.

6. Princeton University

Established in 1746, this university is the fourth oldest in the USA. It is also independent, non-denominational, and coeducational institution. The university offers both undergraduate and over graduate programs in engineering, humanity, social sciences, and natural sciences.

7. University of California, Berkley

This is the best research university in the world offering distinctive environment for the pursuit as well as knowledge expansion. Apart from having world class labs and lecture theatres, this school has dozens of concert halls, museum, libraries, gardens, marine centers, art galleries, and observatories that attracts students from all over the world.

8. University of Cambridge

With its glorious 800 years history, this university is truly meant for those seeking educational excellence. Over the years, this university has produced excellent learners and Nobel laureates such as Fredrick Sanger, Paul Dirac, Max Perutz, and more. This university consists of 31 colleges with over 150 departments, schools, faculties, and institutions.

9. University of oxford

This is an internationally known educational institution for teaching and research. Located in oxford, England, it is the oldest university in the English speaking world existing in over 9 counties, with almost a quarter of students coming from foreign countries.

10. University of Tokyo

Founded in 1877, it was the first university in Japan. Today, this university is one of the top educational institutions in the world offering various undergraduate and over graduate programs in every academic area. Spectacular researches are conducted here in numerous academic divisions.

Even as people prepare to travel abroad in pursuit of education, it is important to know that one cannot travel to the US without a Visa. However, with an ESTA, students can travel to the US visa free, under the visa waiver program. For this, people should make application in advance to travel and study with ease.

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I look forward to hearing more news from you, this is very helpful for me.

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