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Posted By : Admin
10/20/2015 12:07 PM

In today's scenario where globalisation is on the rampage, the stage is set such that English has become inevitable and important for anything and everything like studies, jobs, business and for many more aspects.

Possessing fair English knowledge communication would give you the confidence and good understanding on various global perspectives. It is never wrong to learn any new language. English language has become an essential tool to communicate with most of the persons in the society. Particularly, today's youth, although they have good knowledge they don't possess English skills, as a result they fail in interviews.

With the confidence that you can learn any language communication, right away start following the given tips ... soon you all will find a radical change in your language.

Read English newspaper, short story or even novel for 20 minutes everyday to get comfortable with the language communication.

Develop your written language communication. It would help you to form right sentences within a considerable span of time and later this practice would help to form sentences in much shorter span of time.

Start Speaking. Try out your spoken English on anyone who will be able to respond to you. Dont be afraid of making mistakes.

Keep your ears open for the accent. Watch English news channels on Television. Watch BBC for the British Accent, CNN for the American Accent and NDTV 24/7 for the urban Indian Accent.

Record your speech. Listen to your voice and catch your pronunciation mistakes. Make an earnest effort to avoid them.

Grammar is important for communication. The parts of speech, tenses, form of verb, articles and modals all contribute to fluency. Focus more on understanding between noun and verb, which runs throughout English at all levels. Make an sincere effort to learn them.

Make the Dictionary your best friend. Everyone, including the scholars use it when confronted with a new word. So it is not bad or do not have the feeling that you don't know. Familiarize yourself with its meaning and use it in a sentence that very day.

Have someone proficient read aloud to you. A storybook or a newspaper article will do. Watch the way they move their lips and mouth while pronouncing certain words.

Learn one new word a day. To increase your active vocabulary start memorizing the meaning of a word you had heard but not sure of. Use it regularly to absorb it into your vocabulary bank.

Start writing a Diary. It will allow you to practice the language in a totally non-threatening environment. Everyday write one concrete paragraph of at least 100 words.

Definitely, your spoken English communication will improve, but cannot, if you lack commitment.

Always remember, the skills involved in developing any language communication are Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. It would not possible to develop any single skill in isolation.

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