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Posted By : James
12/29/2020 7:12 PM


Lakhs of students dream of getting a government job every year. While there are exciting opportunities for career growth in private jobs, a government job is still a favored choice among the people at large. Youths prefer government jobs more than private jobs because they feel that these jobs give stability, job security, and job satisfaction. They pay a pretty decent amount with various perks and benefits. Both central and state government jobs recruit candidates through competitive exams. Most of these exams follow similar patterns and syllabus.

India is a populated country, and the percentage of educated youth is high. Hence, getting through the exam is a challenging task. The exams are not very easy, and people often fail to clear them. Besides being tough, recruitment in government jobs is also criticized for being a lengthy and unorganized process. Aspirants find the preparation strategy quite messy. However, despite these, government jobs manage to grab the attention of the youths even today. For example, if you are a government job aspirant from Madhya Pradesh, it’s quite common that you are preparing for MPPSC and looking for MPPSC notes in English. However, just the notes won’t help, you need a detailed strategy, including a selection procedure and a final checklist. Below are a few points which may help you to prepare for such competitive exams easily.

Understanding the procedure

The aspirants need to choose the kind of job they might be interested in. This is the first step that needs to be followed during the preparation phase. It will help the aspirants to understand the position and the procedure that needs to be followed to get it. While competitive exams follow a similar syllabus, there are a few differences depending upon the state exam. One must prepare as per the syllabus. The selection procedure of some exams will include an interview or physical test, so the candidate needs to prepare accordingly.

Knowing the Syllabus

As mentioned above, knowing the syllabus is important to crack the screening test for academic admission as well as recruitments. Question paper for examinations is prepared based on the syllabus. Hence, knowledge of the syllabus helps an aspirant to go through all the important topics. It helps them to analyze the kind of questions that could be asked in the examination so that they can prepare accordingly.

Designing of Preparation Strategy

Designing a holistic preparation strategy is imperative for any aspirant dreaming to crack competitive exams. There are various factors that need to be considered while preparing for such exams. The entire preparation strategy should include a goal-based timetable covering the entire syllabus, with devoted time on weaker areas to tackle tricky topics. You must also revise regularly and attempt previous year’s question papers and mock tests to see your performance and evaluate yourself. Additionally, you need to encourage yourself on a regular basis to keep yourself motivated. As cracking competitive jobs needs patience, self-motivation and self-confidence are extremely important aspects that should not be ignored.

Your strategy should inspire you so that you do not just follow a mechanical schedule.

Goal-Based Timeline 

Exams for government jobs may leave little preparation time between the notification date and the actual examination. In order to deal with such a tricky situation, an aspirant needs to plan a goal-based timeline. He or she should give himself/herself a good amount of time to prepare to execute certain topics. This helps the candidate to manage time and keep track of the topics that have been revised. If the aspirant needs to devote more time to a particular topic, easier topics should be covered first so that one can manage time in a better way. A goal-based timeline will also give you more confidence as you are able to complete the respective topic within a particular timeframe.

Gathering Notes 

After you have prepared a holistic strategy along with a goal-based timeline, gathering notes and study materials becomes the next step. All kinds of preparation materials, including notes and previous years question papers are available online as well as offline. There are various websites on the internet if you are looking for MPPSC notes in English. However, so many options may confuse an aspirant. A candidate must read the reviews or testimonials before ordering books or note online. Similarly, they can discuss with other aspirants for the books available offline. They can ask for recommendations from their coaching teachers or classmates to avoid confusion. The perfect preparation book or study material should cover all major and minor topics of the syllabus. It should be tailored to meet the format and pattern of the question paper. Your book should provide you with objective type question if your exams would be held in a similar format.

Summarizing the points 

After you complete reading your study materials, you can make notes of it for revision. This would help you to prepare for your examination in a better way. Revision is extremely important and should not be avoided. Making notes or summarizing points will help you to learn the entire topic. It will help you to cover all the aspects of a lesson in just a few bullet points.

As mentioned earlier, it is important to believe in yourself besides putting in hard work and dedication. Cracking government jobs can be difficult, but definitely not impossible. Good Luck.

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