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Posted By : Amanda Polanski
3/3/2020 2:27 PM

A good essay is an essay that has a strong message and the message is well conveyed and can be received by readers. So, how to produce a good essay? We must know what are the criteria for a good essay and adjust it. Here are some tips that need to be considered to produce a good essay.

  • Master the material or essay theme by enriching the literature related to the related theme. Enrich as much and as best insight as possible. Choose references only that are trusted.
  • Determine a firm attitude, whether to the pros or cons of a matter. Affirm what message is to be conveyed.
  • Start with an outline of the core issues that you want to discuss or convey.
  • Don't just argue in essays. Strengthen the argument with updated data or facts.
  • Be careful and proofread your work use maybe online essay proofreader. Or ask your friends for help.
  • Compare with other points of view or the opposite to give a broader picture to the reader.
  • Avoid writing terms or abbreviations that are not public without explaining the point.
  • Make sure to comply with the Indonesian Spelling General Guidelines. Avoid typos and abbreviations such as etc., reply, etc., etc.
  • Make sure NO PLAGIAT. Use all of our own writing, ideas, and thoughts. Learn also how to check plagiarism in an article.
  • After the writing of the contents is complete, then make an opening or introduction to the essay.
  • After completing the introduction, just make closing or concluding essay.

The Importance of the Right Spelling

 Why is the accuracy of spelling important? The main objective is to avoid the reader's misperception and so that the reader is able to understand and enjoy the writing or essay that we make.


In essence, whatever language is used in the article, the spelling must be correct. Correct spelling indicates neatness, discipline, and appreciation of language rules. The spelling includes all the rules of how to write in a language, including writing capital letters, punctuation, and others.

Remember that good and right ideas, if they are written with chaotic spelling, will still be very annoying. It can also distort the writer's thinking so that the reader fails to understand what the writer wants to convey through his essay. Often found in the writing of scientific papers, articles, essays, and others, written with chaotic spelling, but seriously, the author does not feel guilty.

There are some of the most common spelling mistakes that should be avoided, such as:


  • Error writing capital letters
  • Writing errors in foreign spelling or italics
  • Writing punctuation errors, especially when placing dots and commas
  • Abbreviations of words that are not in place
  • Ineffective use of sentences

So, this is a summary of tips or ways to write essays that are good and right. How to write this essay can be a guide for you to display writing containing ideas that are interesting and liked by readers. It may be useful.

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