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Posted By : lisa davis
4/29/2020 5:28 PM

Analytics Beta is a new LTI tool that offers improved analytics to track the data of students using an interactive table or chart. It shall finally replace the present account and course analytics. This feature enables instructor, admin, designer roles, and TA in viewing improved analytics functionality and offering functional feedback regarding additional analytics development. It can be used for tracking how the students are performing as a whole in the class, in a specific assignment, in a particular section, and tracking individual students. It can be even used for comparing the students to the whole class or a section in one complete view. Analytics is also helpful to identify as well as contact students quickly who need extra attention or help.

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Course Analytics

Analytics Beta is a course navigation link, which is visible to instructors, admins, designers, and TAs. It is by default disabled within every course. For viewing Analytics Beta, the navigation link of Analytics Beta should be enabled on the navigation page of course settings. If the link is made visible in a course, it is not displayed to observers or students.

Analytics Beta might be used along with the prevalent course analytics tool that contains the functionality of Analytics. It is retroactive and it shows the available course information.

You can use it for the following:

·        Viewing the course grade analytics as a data table or an interactive chart graph

·        Viewing the weekly average online participation analytics as a data table or an interactive chart graph

·        Compare the course with a course section, an individual assignment, or student filter through data table comparison or chart graph comparison

·        View participation analytics and course grade for each student

·        Send a message to all students based on participation criteria or course grade

·        Send a message to each student based on participation criteria or course grade

Data Table

Data can be seen as a percentage data table rather than a chart by clicking on the option of Data Table within a Chart Options menu. Shapes may be used in the data table though they display subsequent to the filter name in the Y-axis. You can view details for a data point when you click on the percentage link.



Student Table

The student table shows the data table or chart that displays every student in a particular filter. For every student, the table shows the name of a student, course grade, the percentage of students who have submitted the assignments timely, the previous interaction time of a student, and the last activity time of a student.


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puzzle jigsaw 11/11/2020 2:20 PM
Thank you for sharing your current analytics knowledge here !!! I am still quite amazed with this new version of analytics!
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Your post is great and engaging, the content is very practical, and gets people's attention. Thank you for sharing.

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