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Posted By : Advait
3/2/2021 3:08 PM

Online tuition in India have been dominated by sites providing recorded lectures and selling them online. Recently, this has changed and got replaced by live online classes which are priced somewhere around Rs.600+ per hour of class. The usual structure is one teacher teaching to thousands of students and to give students sense of personalized learning there is a assigned substitute teacher for say every 50 students to help them with their doubts.


This has to change if students need REAL personalized online classes, wherein the main teacher focuses on the student directly rather than some substitute, I'm not saying the substitute teacher isn't capable but the main teacher should be available to help students with their doubts.

There are few sites catering around this problem but one main issue with them is that they can be categorized as marketing sites for tutors and not a site facililating online learning. With little research I finalized my top 3 sites which I would test. The testing invloved -

  • The ease of access.
  • The learning experience, and
  • The customer support.

The site which aced all three was Smrtguru(www.smrtguru.com), I started off with basic enquires with the teachers listed there, all I had to do was to register and then I messaged around 7 teachers to help me with Coding. I ended up receiving a reply from 6 of them, I availed a free session with 3 of them inorder to finalize my selection, all three tutors were freindly and concentrated on my problem then to boast about themselves. I finalized the tutor who had pricing around Rs.150 per hour. I availed 3 hours of sessions and was pretty impressed with what was promised, infact I was given additional resources which weren't decided earlier. 

I contacted there support to help me out with a situation where I was unable to login into site (the situation was made up), they guided me through the process and also offered me apology for the inconvience, although there was none. 


Final Verdict - The whole experience was as one would have thought, smooth and flexible scheduling, easy to use functions, dope whiteboard (loaded with features) and great support. 

There's nothing to dislike about the site, although they promise FREE study resources but it's a work in progress as it doesn't have much content, but the content that my tutor provide me was more than sufficient.


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