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Posted By : Amy Jones
6/28/2019 3:08 PM

If Christian homeschooling is what you want, then you ought to be familiar with Sonlight Curriculum. This program was devised by early Christian missionaries, who promoted education utilizing the Bible.

Sonlight's Philosophy is, "Children are best taught if they are exposed to unorthodox ideas and beliefs, which is according to their capacity." The program provides a certain spiritual and intellectual threshold to confront these principles.

This is a learning experience that is based solely in essay writing help online and literature. The idea is to teach everything from a Christian literary point of view. Its main curriculum contains discussions of the Bible, Reading and Read-Alouds and History. However, the history program incorporates fictional accounts that coincide with the given time. Meaning, standard textbooks and workbooks are only aids to the fictional works. Sonlight does not have any math in its curriculum. But it gives an option for the subject. It has math programs like Singapore and Saxon math. The choices also include language, arts and music. These are referred as extracurricular. You can select from the core curriculum and then match it to any extracurricular. Another feature of Sonlight is that you can combine different ages in a class.

The only objection of this type of homeschooling is the cost. Admittedly, it does come with the price. Its not really your affordable Home school curriculum.

Sonlight also takes a lot of time. Expect to allot 3.5 to 5 hours a day to reading and learning. Can you afford this length of time? This does not include the extracurricular lessons like math instruction or music. The best way to fix this matter is to make a time table. Do not prolong the class. Try to experiment with your time according to the focus of your kids. Take time to instruct your children individually. Kids have different learning pace. Do not burn out your children with the program. Remember that boredom is the number one enemy. When they start to lose interest, you may have a big problem.

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