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Posted By : Admin
2/17/2016 5:23 PM
With the technological revolution going around the world, we are losing out on the human touch. Everything is automated and thinking machines are gradually taking the place of human employees. In such a scenario, what is considered more valuable are the soft skills which can drum up business and improve the human connectivity. Even employees look at job satisfaction and creativity as being more important than long-term job security.

Though technical skills is what is first and foremost, taught in professional courses and institutes, it's the soft skills that add the necessary personal touch, that can help you get hired and keep your job.

The following are the top soft skills you should improve on to get more easily hired in 2016:

1. Communication:
Workplaces have increased their focus on connecting with clients and customers through social networking and other ways. Thus, effective soft skills, both verbal and in writing, with colleagues, bosses and clients is very important. Along with it eye contact, positive body language and active listening is also crucial to get hired.

2. Interpersonal skills:
In the modern workplace, teamwork has been gaining more importance than individual feathers in the cap. Therefore, collaboration between different workers has become very important. You have to learn how to share your toys and look at only what's best for the whole company. People, who can manage conflicts, accept constructive criticism and work well in groups are considered a better catch by recruiters. Workers, now, often have to collaborate remotely on various projects.

3. Adaptability:
The entire process of how a workplace runs has been changing, and with it comes changing needs with respect to the required skills and work responsibilities. You have to learn how to quickly pick up new skills and implement them where needed. Today's workers cannot whine about how the changing job demands are not what they signed up for. Adaptability and flexibility has become very important as you must be prepared to face constantly new challenges and responsibilities.

4. Problem solving:
Every workplace has small problems, issues that go unnoticed and yet create dissatisfaction and unease among employees. If you are able to spot such problems, or even bigger more apparent ones, your boss is bound to appreciate you more. It will make you a valuable part of the company for easing the working process.

5. Emotional Intelligence:
Emotional intelligence is required to set you apart from the automated piece of software that deals with customers. A human being can always use his/her emotional capabilities to connect with others, whether they are customers or colleagues. Social skills and social awareness, which comes with this particular soft skill can make you an asset to the company and drive up the business.

6. Creativity:
Creativity is again, a skill that cannot be replicated by robots. People with an innovative approach and a creative bent of mind are greatly looked for by the various companies, as each seeks to stand out from the crowd and hence creativity is essential to get hired.

7. Proactivity:
Recruiters usually look for potential employees who know and understand the work and don't require any micromanagement. You must essentially know how to do your own work properly. You cannot be a high maintenance worker who will need constant supervision from a senior. You will be given the required time to get you up to date regarding the technicalities of the work. But it is your soft skills which will make sure you pick up the instructions quickly and maintain a certain quality of work. You need to be a motivated worker who can take his/her own initiatives.

8. Leadership:
You must learn how to be an effective leader and get the work done. If your job responsibility includes managing smaller teams this skill is crucial. You need to have superior collaboration skills and mitigate any sort of problem that may crop up. Moreover, you need to know when to take risks, and when not to, motivate and inspire the team and be accountable for them.

9. Time management: 
Assignments and their deadlines must be followed to the tee, and multiple projects need to be handled in an organised manner. With the extremely fast pace, the digitised world has taken up, you cannot afford to be even a minute late. Workers nowadays will be expected to take charge of a variety of tasks and know how to effectively manage time for employing each of those skills. Every task needs to completed on time, and it is crucial to prioritise all the tasks that you have to get hired.

10. Discipline:
As a soft skill, discipline will help you not only in get hired, but also in improving your lifestyle greatly. Hectic work lifestyles can often wreak havoc on the body. You need to know how to effectively switch from work to relaxation mode and take proper care of diet and health.
192.168.l.l 10/14/2019 4:01 PM
Thank you! I hope to see more updates from you! This is what I need to find.
Waseem 12/1/2018 12:14 PM
Very Useful Thanks For Sharing... Watch this video to know about top 10 soft skills.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X16wd-vrwoE&t=233s
pavitra 9/20/2018 12:21 PM
Thank you for sharing with us.Nowdays softskills is important for all

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