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Posted By : Jen Marx
10/21/2020 4:02 PM
hugging man and woman

People who have experienced relationship problems make the mistake of thinking their partner needs to change. Singles tired of looking for their perfect partner may blame their misfortune on the lack of decent women/men on the market. Both these views are incorrect. Two important points

  1.  With over 15.1 million singles in the UK and 95.9 million in the USA, if you’re single, it’s highly unlikely that there won’t be at least one that’s right for you.
  2. You cannot make people change simply because you want them to.
It is a shame that some people always attract rather unsavoury or unfortunate characters. Toxic men or women may have no desire to change, no matter how much or often their partner may fuss, pander to their needs or worse, harangue them into going to counselling. Be careful; narcissists, cheats, liars, gold-diggers, ego maniacs and depressives all benefit from their behaviour.

Trying to change others is like trying to push water uphill

If your partner doesn’t want to change, there is nothing you can do to force them. Think about it from their point of view. Why would they want to change when they’re quite happy as they are? Even if you believe they are unreasonable and getting away with it, how would they benefit from change?

Everyone has the ability to change, given the right tools

However, generally people don’t bother to change unless they absolutely have to, or they really want to. According to a recent Loveawake dating site research creating and experiencing an outstanding fulfilling relationship starts by working on you.  

* Clarify who you really want to attract  

* Understand and appreciate the inherent differences between you and your partner  

Focus on what you can bring to your relationship e.g. ‘what’s’ in it for them to want and keep wanting you.

You don’t even need a willing partner to succeed

When you change yourself you will start attracting who you want. You will be amazed when you change, on a subconscious level, how other people’s reactions to you also change.

When you change, others around you change too

Have you ever noticed how someone can instantly change the atmosphere around you?  

* Imagine being back at school, chatting in class, when a strict teacher, who the class respects and is rather nervous of, walks into the room. The whole classroom falls silent  

* Imagine the jovial mood in an office suddenly changing when the boss arrives in a foul mood

* Imagine that person who makes you feel exhausted when they start to constantly chatter sapping up your energy. These people can quite literally drain you of your energy, happiness and enjoyment of life. The subconscious inner mind is very sophisticated, picking up on everything. You may not consciously be aware, but the inner mind often focuses on the negative ‘mind junk’ others are carrying around that can make you feel uncomfortable. Make a new start by recognising negative people and choosing your friends more carefully.

Your happiness is reflection of your inner mind

Charismatic, energetic and friendly people are infinitely more attractive. These people can almost light up a room just by entering it. True ‘life and soul of the party’ people attract because they enjoy themselves, are fun to be with and help others have fun too. Being popular and likeable doesn’t necessarily mean being an extrovert. There are plenty of wonderful, warm, funny and well-loved people with more reserved styles. The difference between these people and the ‘drainers’ is that they give and receive positive vibes and generally feel comfortable with themselves.

People like feeling good

We all tend to like people who make us feel good about ourselves. Making others feel good starts with you feeling good about yourself. Not just on the outside, but deep within.

Changes means changing ‘yourself’, which automatically changes others reactions to you

When you make your partner feel good, they’ll want to make you feel good too. And when you meet someone new and they feel good around you, they will want to see you again.

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Elon Clark 11/14/2020 5:02 PM
So beautiful :)

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