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Posted By : Raja Rajan
11/29/2014 12:34 PM

qualification and jobsThe very purpose of education is to provide knowledge, skills, morality besides life style. A good education system should educate an individual to lead a happy and peaceful life. Whether we like it or not, to have better life money becomes a basic factor and to get this properly a n individual should sufficient and better qualification. Whether the qualification what we give to our youth are directly related to the present need of the society in the modern economy is an important thing to be worried. The rest, even in the available qualified youth, whether they are fit to for the available jobs directly with little training, in the sense, whether they have sufficient skills for the said employment.

Forget about, the rural mass taken for granted a city like Chennai, a place for all avenues of education with mushroom of private educations business people who almost landed in selling education, a statistics says, that out of 10 students 8 students who are qualified are unemployable in the age group between 18 and 21. I sit shocking? This is the result of, 'Indian skills report'. People Strong, Linked In and the Confederation Indian Industry.The statistics was conducted for 3 lac people in India out of which 12303 are from the city. The study was conducted to evaluate the various skills of the qualified youngsters. Here the worry is, about the applicability of the higher education institution in educating the people have become simply academic that is, syllabi or mark oriented. They have failed in their attempt in providing quality education since they main focus becomes business rather education. We are forced to address the majority of the institution, in particular self financed institutions, as industries to provide human machines, not human intellectuals. T this context, regarding un employabilty, Chennai stands first followed by Puduchery and Lucknow. Surprisingly, the employability skills, keep increase after 30 years and most of the candidates score 60 out of 100 in the test meant for employments. What does it show?

Than education given in the colleges for professional education, the experience gives in the external world and from there institution meant for skill development give the better knowledge?

The worry is the way in which, present system of education travels ?It is obvious the number of institutions and the strength of students for various course keep increasing very much, but the depth of quality of education goes in inverse proportion. Who has to be blamed? Who have to bell the cat to change this scenario?

It is the expectation of the educationists, provided, the same trend continues, the situation of unemployables issue will become more worsen. Chennai like cites, where the talents and skills are expected to be in higher side, the result is reverse is a serious issue to be looked in to.

Normally, in general, the employability skills are tested not by any detailed examinations, but with aptitude tests which comprises of quantitative ability, verbal and non verbal reasoning, analytical tests besides language skills.

The authority of a private university which claims they do better in skill based education claims that the expectations of the industries are gone up than what a student s are supposed to have. The responses from the students are different. They complain about the teaching quality.

The institution never bothered about teaching, simple they expect the student to perform well.

Another factor to be discussed here is, now the need of the industries is the field work, not desk work.

The industries need performers not white collar clerks. The youngsters are mostly interested in sitting job, nor field work.They are interested in earning without any pain or strain, and the reason is that training, they receive from, so called colleges. Present youngsters never prefer to work hard and they are simply want comfortable placements.

The availability of quality faculties also become a serious issue, in the sense, of late, the faculties came from on e among the same people produced by this kind of monotonous institutions. Naturally, they follow he same beaten track that is what they have received, they tend to give back. Casual examination based short cut teaching and the corresponding preparation becomes the order of the day and accepted norms both in teaching and teaches.A teacher who teaches with serious efforts is considered as a sign of mockery. No doubt the quality of teaching and the constraints in the quality reflect remarkable impact in the applicability and in turn employability.

The teachers, who prefer to teach are not from the list of people who want to dedicate for the profession instead they would have taken the job, since they did not get ay they job, they opted. The teaching jobs in the professional colleges have become a stop gap arrangement.

The salary structure for the faculties is from lower scale, and so it does not attract the students for intelligence side. This indirectly says that, just like that candidates are looking for teaching job.

Why not government to take up Education?

It is a known fact, that it none but education give us eternal peace and happiness. Any country’s wealth, welfare depends only how the people are educated. An education means, awareness in all fields, and does any job with creativity. Education should not focus only towards narrow approach like earning and for living a luxurious life. It should go beyond that, making human being to live in peace and harmony.

Education, has now become a costly affair, in the sense it has become a commercial commodity, the reason being, the educational sector is get caught in the hands of f ew otherwise rich people, who converted the entire area as business totally. every business parameters are applied to sell education.

Every individual citizen after much of difficulties faced by the private business people whose origins are commercial activities completely other than education, prefer the government to take up education. In fact the people are prepared to pay the reasonable charges to the government institutions if it is quality based. The surprising and unacceptable fact in Tamil Nadu like states is, many of the successful school, college, deemed university owners are from business of unlawful nature.

Whether education is the only suitable area, to convert their black money to lawful money / or they found education is an easier way to earn? Of course these are the quite common questions. Accepting their presence, the educationist simply go away from the ir holistic approach and contended with their limited services to the cause of education. No doubt, the society by and large missing their valuable service and knowledge. The regretful fact, many of top educationist are forced to serve under the bigwigs for meagre salaries, selling their hard earned knowledge that too accepting their short cut approaches in education. Very well, they aware that they are not suitable for noble profession of education, but they understood the secret that the business of education is the most suitable hiding shield to them. If we take up the list of successful shops in various sizes meant selling education

Under the captions of acceptable names like Schools, Colleges and Universities.

Whatever the reasons may be, why the government is not thinking of taking the bold step of bringing education under it’s control/ The government does not want to loose it's control of selling alcohol, while it does not want to take up education.

In fact, various statistical analysis reflects, that the quality of educations is declining in faster rate and I it is clear that is no co relation between qualification and knowledge.

Why the government is sidelining themselves from taking responsibility of cleaning the polluted atmosphere prevailing in education, giving almost complete freedom to the so called business and cut throat people. The day robberies of the private business people who have taken the path of education as their way of accumulating their wealth for generations is obvious and it has the indirect blessing s of the government.

Our primary worry is where the country is going and what is going to happen to our youth?.

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