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Posted By : Ashis Sharma
2/1/2019 3:23 PM


A Portfolio Manager works in collaboration with researchers and analysts to monitor investment trends, conduct company research and make significant investment decisions. It is a desirable career option for individuals with an affinity for finance and accounting.  If you have your eyes set on a fruitful and prestigious career in portfolio management, a CFA certification can help your cause.  In order to obtain this coveted certification, you need to clear all the three levels of CFA examination. Undoubtedly, CFA is one of the most challenging examination and comprises the most complex theories and concept. To clear all three levels, you need to have a grasp on your subject from the very beginning. Head start your CFA endeavours by finding the course materials for CFA Level I.

 Before obtaining the CFA certification, you can do several other things to get closer to becoming an expert Portfolio Manager. Here we discuss some of the most important steps:

Focus on Education and Internship

A bachelor’s degree in a finance-related field can provide the perfect base upon which you can build your career as a Portfolio Manager in the near future. A degree in finance, economics, accounting, and administration can provide you with the perfect start.

 A finance internship gives an insight into the investment sector and provides a first-hand look at the various aspects of portfolio management as a career, as well as the regular tasks associated with it. It will also help you to build networks with employees and interns in this field. You can learn a lot from their experiences that will be fruitful going forward.

After securing graduation degree, you can consider doing an MBA in finance. It will enhance your resume and provide much more employment opportunities.

Secure a Job

A job in the finance field will help you to analyse real-life conditions. You may not get the designation of Portfolio Manager in the beginning but it will be a learning ground for you and will be of significant help in landing your dream job in future.  Furthermore, relevant job experience will further enrich your resume. Remember, almost a vast majority of your competitors will have academic accomplishments similar to yours, so it is of utmost importance to demonstrate your soft skills. This is where a job experience comes handy. 

However, the quickest way to move up the ranks and become a Portfolio Manager is by upgrading your knowledge and academic degree.  This is where the next point becomes important.

Advance Your Knowledge

After landing a position in the appropriate company, it’s time to expedite your upward mobility to the dream designation- Portfolio Manager. This is where you need to work extra hard and earn the CFA charter while working. The CFA program is a 3 level examination and you need to successfully clear all the 3 levels to earn the prestigious degree.

CFA is one of the most challenging examinations in the country. This conceptual examination pushes you to the limits and the figures confirm it. In June 2018, only 43% of the students successfully cleared the CFA Level 1 Examination.

It is quite difficult for working professionals. However, with hard work and quality coaching classes, this is not a far-fetched dream.

Given, the hectic schedule it is almost impossible for working professionals to take regular coaching classes. And without proper coaching classes, it is very difficult to clear CFA. This is where the online education platforms come to the rescue. Invest time and efforts to find top-notch CFA level I courses to crack this rigorous examination. Select the courses are prepared by the most influential experts in the field of finance and management like Sanjay Saraf. Furthermore, these courses are staffed with A-grade deliverables (mock and test papers) and encrypted video classes from some of the best teachers.

Choose the right course and decipher the path to become a Portfolio Manager. 

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