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Posted By : reshmakavi kavi
8/18/2020 4:14 PM

What is Pytest?

Pytest is a testing framework, which allows us to write test codes using python. It’s used with Selenium Python binding to test web apps in different browsers.

Pytest is a unit test framework, while Selenium WebDriver (Python) is an API that can be used to automate user actions for web applications. But Pytest is mainly used in the industry to write tests for APIs.

Join Pytest Online Course and learn how to use plugins for other framework integration and testing tos.

Have a comprehensive understanding of some of the important tools of Pytest such as writing, Pytest fixtures, reporting of assertion, classic Xunit style setup, writing book function, etc. 

  • It can be used to create both simple and complicated functional test cases. Compatible with other test frameworks like unit test etc
  • Pytest is used by design teams, development teams, test-oriented development teams, as well as open-source projects.
  • Support Fixtures and Classes which facilitates the creation of common test objects throughout a module, session, function, and class.
  • Simple to migrate existing test suites to pytest using pytest with Selenium WebDriver to perform test automation.
  • Supports Parameterization, which is instrumental in performing the same tests with 'different configurations' using a simple marker. This results in more effective test cases and test suites with 'less repetitive code implementation.'
  • Several statements that provide more detailed information on the failure scenarios. xdist support through which test cases can be paralleled.

In Conclusion, The Pytest Online Training at SkillsIon provides an exhaustive understanding of this popular, versatile testing tool.


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