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Posted By : ashach
2/2/2019 3:34 PM
Nowadays admitting your child in right school is the biggest dilemma any parent has. A parent hopes that when they leave their son or daughter at school they are safe, happy and, ultimately, learning. But beyond these basic expectations what do parents really want to see from their child’s school and what do they hope to get from their teachers? Narayana group of schools is the oldest and best ranked school in India. The curriculum it follows is the best and upto date. It has the best faculty and infrastructure. Also it is one of the finest International & boarding schools in Kolkata. Keeping aside the primary basic things what parents really value is a sense of positivity, support and enjoyment within the learning environment. Listing out a few more things that matter are: 1) The curriculum: The first thing any parent would want is their child learns right. The curriculum the school follows should match according to the latest standards and not be the same old traditional. 2) Quality of teaching: Any parent would look for committed, happy and effective teaching staff. Also they would want a strong school/home communication, wherein parents are informed about the activities, events and progress of their child. Also a parent would want to see a growth emotionally apart from intellectual growth in their child. 3) Sports: Physical fitness is of as much importance as mental. Staying physically fit keeps the child positive and optimistic and also gives the right energy to learn. 4) Facilities: Having been born in the 21st century any parent would want their child to study in a well structured environment. Some artworks, various sports, libraries, canteens, a fun and supportive school environment, etc are the few basic things to look for. 5) Extracurricular activities: extracurricular activities are always about learning happening takes place outside of the classroom. As mentioned earlier socialising and learning new things is indeed important. Considering all the above points, Narayana schools in West Bengal is the best fit for your child. Admissions open for Nursery to X. Don’t miss the chance and enrol your child with Narayana school West Bengal for a shining future. For more information: http://narayanawestbengal.com/
192.168.l.l 10/10/2019 7:52 PM
I hope to see more updates from you, this helps me a lot.
aimejournal 5/8/2019 10:04 PM
CBSE plan are the one which you need to cover well ordered. It requires a lot of effort since it has a huge amount of books which you need to look at.

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