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Posted By : Diane Smart
3/10/2021 7:06 PM

Writing a term paper on Lyme disease can be helpful for medical students in terms of diagnosis and treatment, but can also prove valuable for any student as quick diagnosis of this disease can prevent long-term, serious effects.  Term papers on Lyme disease should begin by describing the causes and symptoms of the disease.  Lyme disease gets its name from the city of Lyme, Connecticut, where several cases of the disease were diagnosed in 1975.  The disease, as term papers on Lyme disease will note, is caused from bacteria that are transmitted from animals to humans by ticks.

Term papers on Lyme disease should list symptoms so that the researcher and any readers of the paper will be able to quickly identify a possible Lyme disease infection.  Early symptoms include headache and fever, fatigue, depression, and a tell-tale skin rash called erythema migrans.  A photograph of this bulls-eye type rash could be attached to term papers on Lyme disease. If the disease is not caught in time or treated effectively, more serious symptoms can arise that affect the heart, joints, and the nervous system.  Since early identification and treatment is so crucial, term papers on Lyme disease should mention that if ticks are removed within 36 hours of attachment, there is little likelihood of the disease developing in the host.

When researching term papers on Lyme disease, it may prove beneficial to study works on Lyme disease by other authors as well as papers written on other diseases that affect the nervous system, such as essays on multiple sclerosis and essays on carpal tunnel syndrome.  Essays on chronic fatigue syndrome from the write my essay may also be good to read as comparison material for diseases that cause fatigue and may be misdiagnosed.  For the most effective term paper, use reliable sources on Lyme disease.

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