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Posted By : Raja Rajan
12/30/2014 6:55 PM

Learning is a continuous process in life.  It has no ending.  An individual begins the process of learning, the moment he begins to breath.  Mere Academic reading only, not considered as learning.  In all walks of our life, we learn.

Still, there is a common notion,  that once an individual settles in a job or starts earning, he or she considers learning does not have meaning.  They should understand, that the real meaning of learning begins only after settling in the life, that is once commercially comfortable, learning continuously provides an individual eternal pleasure, besides he could please others also.  The real purpose of learning understands ourselves.  Once a man understands, the real purpose and meaning of his life, he becomes matured mind.

In the modern context, lot of opportunities are available to learn without disturbing once routine.  What is required is, a mind set to execute this.

Few opportunities available to learn without spending much of time in the concerned institutions are

Reading journals, news papers

Reading books

Reading through various available websites

Attending useful lectures

Learning from Media

Online learning

Corresponding Education

Let us discuss about one such opportunity in India.

Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU)

The Indira Gandhi Open University (IGNOU) was established by an act of parliament in 1985.  It serves for Education by flexible methods in order to avoid constraints to study, through Open mode and Distance Learning mode.

As on date, around 3 million people in and around India as well as abroad are benefited by IGNOU.  It has now, 21 schools of studies, a network of 67 regional centres, around 2667 learning support centres and 29 overseas partner Institutions. The University provides 228 certificate, diploma, degree and doctoral programs. 810 Faculty members, 574 academic staff at the Head Quarters and Regional centres and about 33212 academic counselors are serving in IGNOU.

IGNOU is the National Research centre for Open and Distance Learning with International identification. The university serves for 14 areas of higher Education, Community Education and Professional development. IGNOU has network with public Institutions and pri8vate enterprise to update the needs of Education in all levels.  It has been conferred with awards of excellence by the common wealth learning (COL) Canada. The University concentrates on quality education, teaching, research, training and related extension activities.  IGNOU  has established centre for Extension Education, National centre for Disability students and National Centre for Innovation in Distance Education.

Edusat, a satellite exclusively dedicated to education on 20th September 2009 the system of education of IGNOU attain sophistication and user free modes.

Schools under IGNOU

SOA  - School of Agriculture

This provides education for Agriculture


Doctoral Degree:

Ph.D – Dairy science and Technology (PGDDR)

Doctor in Philosophy in Agriculture Extension (PGDAGE)

PG and Advance certificate:

Agriculrue Polity (PGCAP)


Daily Technolgy (DDT)

Value added products from Cereals, pulses and Oil seeds ( DPVCPO)

Fish Products Technology (DFPT)

Watershed Management(DWM)

Meat technology(DMT)


Sericulture : (CIS)

Water Harvesting Management (CWHM)

Poultry Farming(CPF)

Bee Keeping (CIB)

Organic Farming (COF)

Non Credit Programmes:

Betal vines for formers (2 weeks)  (TPBU) Integrated Post Management Technology

In Potato cultivation (CIPMT)

Fruits and Vegetables (APUPFV)

Dairy farming for Rural Forms (APDF)

Contact Details:

School of Agriculture
G.Block,Zakir Hussain Bhavan,
Maidan Garhi,
New Delhi – 110068

91-011-29533167, 91-011-39933167

website: www.soadignouac.in

2. SOE

School of Education

This School promotes various Education and Education related activities.

1) Practice of Education as a profession

2) Branches of education as academic discipline

3) Education, Distance Education, Educational Technology, Adult Education


1) B.Ed (Hindi)

2) M.Ed

3) B.Ed (English)

Doctoral Degree:

Doctor of Philosophy of Education (PHDEDO)

Masters Degree:

M.A (Distance Education)  (MADE)

Master of Arts (Education)  MA, (Edu)

Master of Education (M.Ed)

PG and Advance Diploma:

Higher Education Management (PGDHEM)

School Leadership and Management (PGDSLM)

Higher Education (PGDHE)

Educational Management and Administration (PGDEMA)

Pre – Primary Education (PGDPPED)

PG and Advance Certificate

Information and Assistance Technology for Instructors of Visually Impaired (PGCIATIV)

UG Degree

Bachelor of Ecuation (B.Ed)


Diploma in Elementary Education (D.El.Ed)


Elementary Teacher Education (for Tripura state   (CHTE)

Guidance (CIG)


School of Education
Maiden GarhiNew

91-011-29535519, 91-011-29534227

Web: www.soadignouac.in

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