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Posted By : Raja Rajan
1/2/2015 1:17 PM

IGNOU, which is described as Peoples' University, in vibrant Educational services. For the past a decade provides self learning materials and innovative programs. The quality of IGNOU is at par with National and International Universities. The University maintains the Total quality Management in all the areas to serve to the cause of Education.

The Educational Services and the courses offered by IGNOU is in accordance with the rapidly changing global environment of educational services.

IGNOU, as such offers programs and courses in about 30 disciplines and a few Inter-disciplinary areas. Since the presence of IGNOU is established in Inter National Educational scenario, more innovative programs for International needs has been established in parallel with conventional pattern of Education. To satisfy the contemporary needs areas like Telecommunications, conflict Resolutions and Peace, Bio-informatics, Population studies and e-commerce are introduced.

Research is given priority in the system of IGNOU, and many scholarships are also introduced to encourage Research.

The access to the general public is being increased due to the two important factors of IGNOU namely, low cost and wide network. This Open & Distance mode University opens wide opportunities to women, schedule castes, scheduled tribes, the rural population, the remote areas, tribal regions, differently abled, and economically down trodden people. To widen the opportunities IGNOU has open many Regional Centres and study centres. The University imparts quality education keeping its target to the spreading of knowledge there by programs are extended to promote local integrated development and to create self-employment for the poor and down trodden in particular living in rural and backward localities.

A 24 hour Educational TV Channel Gyan Darshan and a Radio- cooperative Gyan Vani. More opportunities are opened by IGNOU by introducing a two way tele-conferencing, interactive radio counseling, and for relaying educational programs through local FM radio stations.

IGNOU comes under the Ministry of Human Resource Development. Indian Government to collaborate with. State Open Universities and educational Institutions to organize multimedia.

IGNOU is, as on date, serves only to few regions of Asia and a few countries of Africa. IGNOU is expected to expand its services for more countries.

System of Instructions to the candidates:

IGNOU follows multimedia approach to educate its students.

The various factors through which instructions are given are:

1) Self Instructional Materials

2) Counseling sessions (face to face and tele-conferencing)

3) Practical classes for Science, Computer, Nursing and Engineering & Technology courses

4) Avoid flexibility for completing the course with respect to place, and duration are given

5) I GNOU given credit system, based on time factor involved in studying. This implies, one credit means 30 study hours including all learning activities. A credit requirement varies from program to program. IGNOU also offers credit transfer facility to transfer credits from some other Universities.

Regional Centers:

There are 56 Regional centres for IGNOU which includes 6 Army Recognized Regional Centres, 4 Navy Recognized Regional Centres, 1 Asian Rifles Recognized Regional centre

The responsibility of that regional centers are

1) Promotion of Open University system

2) Developing and Supervising study Centers

3) Student Support services

4) Organizing and developing programs

It is planned to provide one RC to one State within the co-operation of respective state Government.

R.C is the Sub office of the University and it acts as a resource can also in that specific reasons. The perform to traces the co-coordinators, councilors and other functionaries. A regional centre serves the facilities of library course material, video cassettes, Audio cassettes, computers, Telex/ fax and TV/VCR etc.

To be continued... 

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