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Posted By : Linda Driggers
5/18/2020 10:33 PM

Since the onset of industrialization, employers tend to abuse their power in the conviction that they have the right to do what they wish. On the other hand, employees need the chance to work to earn a living. The workers face oppression and unfair treatment in the workplace. It is unlikely for them to be heard by their employers, and if they opt to leave their jobs, they are easily substituted or their responsibilities are given to other employees. The working class faces various labor-related issues that require their union to address. This paper explains labor problems that the working class faces as well as addresses the various sources of challenges and opportunities as read in primewritings review.

In our economic system, employers and employees are not equal. The employers own the jobs while the employees need the jobs. The employers have the opportunity to establish any conditions they desire, and the individual employees have little or no chance to protest. Facing oppression in the workplace is a common problem for many workers, and they are usually compelled to obey because they are replaceable. The employees need better salaries, defined contribution plans, reasonable schedules, compensation for working extra hours, and respectful treatment. However, employers rarely give these benefits to the employees. The companies view the working people as assets whose costs can be minimized and who can be used for any purpose. The worker’s voice is rarely heard by the employer. The workers understand that they have no power over their employers. Therefore, there is a need to join unions in order to be taken into account. Nevertheless, most of the employees are reluctant to join labor movements.

Labor unions are known for their role in representing the employees and streamlining labor management. They have existed for an extended period of time and achieved a number of benefits for the workers. However, there are various issues, such as negative publicity created by the employer and the mass media despite the legal recognition of the union. The employers have always been against the labor unions. They address their employees through various media sources discouraging them from joining unions and labeling such unions not beneficial. The media portrays the labor unions as violent and prone to disturb the peaceful lives of people. The media focuses on their negative aspects and forgets to portray the positive ones. The types of artistic media, such as cinematography, also fail to show the struggle of the workers. The fight is not paid sufficient attention to in attempts to demonstrate the importance of labor unions. The disinformation campaigns tend to discourage a big number of employees from joining unions, and the employers still view their workers differently.

Furthermore, wages may be determined based on the race or the sex of individuals. Consequently, this factor has led to income disparities among people, which resulted from the reduction of the labor union participants. On the other hand, various political acts have brought victory to the labor unions. The Norris-LaGuardia Act of 1932 restricted employers from seeking an injunction whenever labor disputes arose. The Fair Labor Standard Act of 1937 introduced a minimum wage for the employees and required that workers receive additional income for the extra time they worked. However, the primary victory was the National Labor Relation Act, the 7th chapter of which gave workers the right to form a union without the employer’s interference. The employer was also compelled to bargain with the worker’s union and honor their choices.

To conclude, unions perform the functions of representing the workers before their employers. The labor unions make sure that the employees’ demands are heard and that their dignity and respect are preserved. Furthermore, unity among workers has given them the strength to keep fighting for their rights, a goal that cannot be achieved individually. Even though the labor unions face challenges, they still have numerous advantages that can help to further their agenda.

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