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Posted By : geetha ravichandran
2/21/2012 11:08 PM


Students these days value the work experience gained during internship more than mentoring, work culture and the stipend paid. Internship culture in India is in the beginning stage. Most institutions in India do not require their students to complete internships during their course. But internship adds value to one's career and growth. Most of the companies feel that the students whom they recruit directly from the college lack practical skills to work in a professional set up. They need tedious orientation programs to work in a professional set up. Internship programs bridge this gap and helps in a smooth transition from the college to the professional world. Internships help to weigh one's caliber against the professional scale. It helps to improve and succeed in the career of one's choice. With the academic year coming to an end students in the city are looking up for hands on experience. Internships help one gain an insight into work culture and you learn things by exploring. Whereas in colleges you get ready made solutions to tackle problems. Many firms across various fields accept students as internees and help them understand the nuances of the profession as it is part of their corporate responsibility. These firms do not expect the students to master the job right from the beginning but look forward for the enthusiasm to put into practice what they learn in the colleges. Candidates who have gained hands on experience through enternship are always given priority compared to others who lack knowledge about the work culture. Some internships offer stipend to the students which would give them an opportunity to earn and become financially independent along with the industry experience. Some of the websites which can guide you in finding an intership of your interest are, www.Interfever.com, www.iopportune.com, www.hellointern.com, www. indianinternship.com Make use of the intership programmes and take a step forward towards success in your career.

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