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Posted By : poojasharma
10/27/2020 2:44 PM

Learning German is not a difficult task – every noun has a gender and the new kind of rule will burst your language. German language is riddled with poetic descriptions and quirky traits. Learning German is an interesting task for language lovers. Learn this language at German Classes in Chennai from German speakers. Here I have listed some facts about the world's most confusing languages.

German Language Scope

German is considered as the 11th most spoken language. English is in 3rd and Mandarin occupies first place. 18% of the world's books are published in German and few of this appears in English translation.

How to learn German?

  1. Find a reason to learn German

  2. Learn the fundamentals

  3. Practice daily

  4. Listen songs

  5. Talk with native German-speakers frequently to improve your communication

  6. Learn funny and idioms to use in the correct place.

You might be confused to read German newspapers to see that long words are written in capital letters and many of the words are similar, look at these words for understanding.

  1. Windig – windy

  2. Singen – to sing

  3. Haus – house

  4. Finger – finger

  5. Haus – house

  6. Schwimmen – swim

  7. Hand – hand

  8. Buch – book

German is the official language of Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium and Liechtenstein. German Language is widely used by European Union. 

Hilarious German proverbs

Some of the proverbs are Alles hat ein Ende (everything has an end), the most delightful sentence is Das geht Sie nichts an (none of your business).Check German Language course in Chennai and learn this language with best support.

German and English are sister languages

While English speakers start to learn, they will find a lot of words that are similar to both languages. Every German word has different meanings but sounds the same.

Using German language creates a new feature for specific words that expresses life more perfectly than any word. German Classes in Bangalore are the best choice to learn this language.

Here are some German phrases that are weird wonderfully.

1.     Du gehst mir auf den Keks - You are annoying

2.     Leben ist kein Ponyhof – Life is not easy

3.     Ich glaub ich spinne – I think I am crazy

4.     Das Blaue vom Himmel versprechen – A promise that can’t be fulfilled

5.     Leben wie Gott in Frankreich – To live in Luxury

German Online course will be more helpful to learn everything shortly. Experts train the students with suitable examples.

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