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Posted By : Laurie Sherman
5/7/2021 2:43 AM

Usually, when writing a research paper, most students pass the big parts of it, such as the Materials and Methods, quite successfully. It is the small requisites of the assignment that cause a lot of difficulties. This is why our "write my essay" company decided to give you research paper guidelines on such small but important parts of your writing as a thesis statement, abstract and results.


When picking them for research paper guidelines we knew that each of these parts has its own peculiarities and demands. The fact that they are not big makes students believe they are not valuable. Our research paper guidelines urge you to spend more time on each of the stated parts, and this is why:

1.           Thesis statement, picked as the number one for our research paper guidelines, is hard, especially for novice students. It has to clearly show how your arguments are going to be developed. In our research paper guidelines we advise you to make a thesis statement arguable. This way you will have something to prove. Our research paper guidelines also remind you that a thesis statement has to be placed in Introduction, and nowhere else.

2.           Our research papers guidelines will also help you out in writing an Abstract. It is usually a short (about 200 words) summary of the entire research paper. If you follow the research paper guidelines, you need to know that this part is always the last to be written. By the time you finish the paper, you know what it is about, and therefore can summarize it.

3.           Finally, our research paper guidelines stop at writing the Results. Please, do not mistake it with an Abstract. The research paper guidelines from the "buy a synthesis essay" website remind you that the Results are about a summary of the findings you came up with in previous parts.


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