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Posted By : John
5/4/2021 5:30 AM

Karnoenergy performs various types of work aimed at optimizing the design and construction of facilities, using modern BIM technologies.
Information modeling – BIM (building information modeling) - a digital representation of the functional and physical characteristics of a building, which covers a lot of information about it. Its goal is to create a virtual object information model that will allow participating parties to interact, exchange information, and make decisions at all stages of the project's lifecycle.


Advantages of using BIM technologies:
• reducing the time required to develop project and work documentation •
• improving the accuracy of financial calculations (estimates) and forecasts;
• reducing the number of adjustments and spatial collisions;
• reducing financial costs for construction;
• improving cost control;
• reducing the project implementation time.  
This design method increases the efficiency of the implementation of an investment and construction project and allows you to recreate as accurately as possible not only the object itself, its dimensions, structures, but also the technical equipment and processes occurring in it, taking into account various factors.  


In our company, you can order three-dimensional BIM models of objects created on the basis of standard 2D-CAD drawings or based on laser scanning data (using a point cloud). Any level of detail is possible depending on the customer's goals: modernization of an outdated project, creation of a working model for operational services, modification of the structure's load-bearing structures, calculation of energy efficiency, financing of construction stages, etc.

What our specialists do during the modeling process:
• update the original source;
• correct all logical errors;
• eliminate collisions and spatial intersections;
• identify conflicts for further adjustments;
• carry out revision and further development of the model (in agreement with the customer).
The result of such cooperation will be a high-quality 3D model of the object that the customer needs for analysis or work.


Well-established communications and an efficient document management process are the main conditions for clear and successful interaction between the customer and project organizations that implement different sections of the project. The implementation of the cloud service by our company's specialists among interested parties will allow us to successfully solve this problem.  

We also provide services for creating a common coordination BIM model by including all project sections in it. Karnoenergy specialists structural engineering companies to eliminate collisions, perform checks for the intersection of engineering systems with other elements. All this makes it possible to link the design decisions of subcontractors who work on the same project.


A full-fledged BIM model of the object and detailed working documentation makes it possible to carefully monitor the progress of construction work. Our specialists use cloud services to conduct monitoring directly on the construction site. They monitor the current state of the object's structures and then compare them with the solutions in the project documentation.

What will the customer get as a result of cooperation:
• quality control of construction and installation works •
• accurate calculation of the volume of work already performed;
• reduction of the number of errors and improvements;
• reduction of the total construction time of the object;
• accurate compliance of the finished result with the working documentation.
We use the best software and attract experienced specialists to solve our tasks. By contacting Karnoenergy, each customer will evaluate the effectiveness of new design technologies and reach a qualitatively new level of construction.




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