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8/31/2015 4:46 PM
management.jpgIAS Exam which translates to The Indian Administrative Service is a career. The post of an IAS officer is an honor in itself, and hence it is coveted by many.These are a few tips that might help a person in clearing IAS exam: 

Preparatory Tips 1 : Do it smartly

In order to become an IAS officer, it's important to work hard for the exam. We believe that we need to study 10 hours or more, every day. But for better results in the final exam, all that a person should do is to walk the smart way which could mean reading selectively but reading well, reading many books selectively, mixing books and notes, making short notes, learning time management, taking mock tests and etc.

Preparatory Tips 2 : Start early

After deciding to attend IAS exam, preparations for the IAS exam should start early. In order to know about the type of questions being asked in the IAS exam, solved papers of past years should be referred to. It is also necessary to be updated in all fields, for instance History, Economy, Polity, etc and getting the best books for the same.

Preparatory Tips 3 : Routine work

A person needs to develop some kind of routine, which would help him to focus for long hours and cover the entire syllabus within the time available. A routine chart also helps in developing a concentrated approach for Mains as well as in preparing for most scoring parts of IAS Exam Prelims syllabus early.

Preparatory Tips 4 : One at a time

With many subjects to get prepared for, students often commit the mistake of trying to prepare all at once. What they actually need to do is stop this multi-tasking and pick one subject at a time. Multi-tasking might lead to confusion, loss of concentration and lower output. It is also important to not to refer to more books than are absolutely required.

Preparatory Tips 5 : Unit test

Remember the school days when the teacher used to have unit tests in every 15 days in order to prepare us for the final exam? We need to evaluate ourselves in the same way, by taking our own mock tests after completing a particular section in a topic; in order to prepare ourselves for the final battle.

Preparatory Tips 6 : Score it up

As mentioned above, smart work is much needed than hard wok to ace the exam. In IAS Prelims, some sections are easier to score off than others and students should always aim to cover these sections first. For example, Maps is one of the topics that can fetch good marks with less effort.

Preparatory Tips 7: Short notes

Making short notes has always been a smart way to study and has always helped in revising quickly. These notes can be in the form of flash cards or micro notes on subjects like current affairs, GK, as well as other GS and optional topics.

Preparatory Tips 8 : Read, Read & Read

The more a student reads for his IAS Exam, the more it will be beneficial for him in the IAS exam. Reading a lot is the key to score. The students should make it a habit of reading newspapers, the latest economic survey, all NCERT text books and good supplementary books for IAS Exam available.

Preparatory Tips 9: The right Kind of guidance

In order to save valuable time and attempts, students should seek quality guidance from the best coaching institute available. These institutes provide coaching in all subjects of the IAS exam. To know which books to read, coaching to join and what strategy to adopt for IAS Exam preparation, IAS toppers, fellow aspirants and those who have reached the interview stage should be approached to.

Preparatory Tips 10: Get, set, go

Lastly, the student should always believe in himself, be confident enough and try to pray and meditate in order to get blessings from the almighty. He should have fun while preparing for IAS Exam and hope for results to be fruitful.

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These notes can be in the form of flash cards or micro notes on subjects like current affairs, GK, as well as other GS and optional topics.

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