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Posted By : Kevin Stine
10/11/2019 5:53 PM

A descriptive essay is one where you take a subject and explore it within the boundaries of your essay. They are often used to describe events and are commonly set by high school teachers and college professors to show students how to write essays. I have personally taught high school students for over five years, and have found that descriptive essays are an ideal way to learn and perfect the art of essay writing. When I applied for college, I think one of the things that helped me gain entry was my admission descriptive essay. So here is a quick lesson in how to write a descriptive essay.

Descriptive Essay Outline

The skill in writing a descriptive essay is more to do with common sense than it is to do with structure, clarity or academic merit. A descriptive essay is not one of the world’s hardest essays to write, but you can make it infinitely easier with a descriptive essay outline. Detailing the things you are going to describe, and how you are going to relate them to the rest of the essay will make editing a paper so much easier. It will also help you to avoid the mistake or rambling. It will help you keep things in focus, and will ensure you do not miss bits out.

Creating an outline for a descriptive essay is also essential to ensure that you get your research correct and in-line before you start. 

Descriptive Essay Format

This type of essay starts with an introduction. Many people put at thesis statement at the beginning of their essay, but for a descriptive essay it is not needed. You can start your college descriptive essay with a quick overview of what you wish to write about, and then instead of giving a thesis statement, you can explain to the reader why he/she should read the essay. You can use your introduction as a way of “selling” your essay to the reader.

Many types of essays begin the body of their essay with a narrative that explains a few details. However, a descriptive essay is basically a narrative all the way through as it describes whatever you have set out to describe. So ideally, all you need to do is split your text body into themes, topics and sub-topics to make it easier to read.

Your conclusion can be a conclusion on your thesis statement, and then an explanation as to why you have or have not proved your thesis. If you did not really create a thesis, then you can end your descriptive essay with a summary of the points you made.

Descriptive Essay Topics

You can use your descriptive essay as a way of showing that you fully understand a subject, concept or topic. Use a descriptive essay for a college application and it is a great way of showing college admin staff and scholarship committees that you fully grasp a subject and that you are willing and keen to learn more about it. That is why you should always pick topics that are related to your chosen college discipline. Try to pick topics that allow you to show off your knowledge. Pick topics that other students have not picked, and try to pick the ones that everybody claims are difficult.

Choosing the right descriptive essay topic is vital if you wish to impress any college or scholarship staff. You can use broad sweeping topics to show that you grasp every concept, or you can choose a focused topic to show you have a depth of knowledge. Running through your text books is going to help give you a few ideas on topics that you can write about.


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