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Posted By : R.Karthik Babu
12/3/2018 11:40 AM

After you got selected in a top university and got a chance to pay low fees, then it’s good that you have lowered your expenses in paying tuition fees and even possible of getting free education through scholarship.

But you need to focus on your expenses on food and other valuable purchases when you are preparing yourself for abroad. Your parents would have set a monthly budget for you to spend money on your education and as a student, you need to learn management skill from your day one. Don't get scared as I will explain the concept.

So here the 7 tips you can follow to save your money.

1. Take rest in Hostel -Ask for hostel facility in your college where you can stay safe and lower the amount to pay the rent as compared to living in an apartment.HERE you won’t have to go for a hunting food outside. Hostel life will be more helpful and fun regarding studying and exploring new language and culture.

2. Be friendly with your local friend - Feel to explore the new city but don’t know where to go? Your google map might help but what about traveling cost. Should you need a tourist guide. But there is someone who can help you. Make yourself more friendly to approach the local student in your batch that might help you to guide you better.

3. The weekend is best to get out -Weekend will be best to explore out from your hostel and from hostel food after a week of eating boring food. So it’s better to taste the change over to street food and to shop with your local friend on a local market. But make sure you won’t make your stomach upset in the next morning.

4. Keep snacks with you - When you feel hunger, then it’s best to keep food with you like fruits, energy bars or other healthy snacks with you, which would stop the hunger and save you from spending the amount on a restaurant.

5. Get to work - If you get free time after your studies then try to go for part time jobs take help of your local buddy who will help to find you a better part-time job, where you can be independent about yourself without approaching your parents. And full freedom to spend your money but contribute as required for your need.

6. Eat light and be fit- What type of diet structure you follow? If it’s normal, then it’s okay. Make a habit to be fit. Change your usual eating style to a healthy diet with light food intake also practice to wake up early morning for exercise like yoga or going to GYM in your college campus where you would practice exercise in morning and evening. Would also save your money on private GYM.

7. Plan the budget to get out - When you feel stress or boredom from your job, and studies then make a plan to spend some time with your friends outside of your city. Prepare a budget and evenly distribute the amount that each one of your friends needs to pay from their pocket. The more you unite, the less you pay for the trip. I’ hope YOU SAVED YOUR AMOUNT in this article. Thanks for reading this article I hope you found this article useful, comment down below with your money saying strategy.

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Making Your Study Abroad Budget. By and large I would state your investigation abroad spending plan for each end of the week trip—excluding your movement costs and housing. Before the finish of your time abroad, contingent upon the amount you traveled.

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