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Posted By : Mike Agassi
4/6/2020 9:34 PM

Linear actuators are used in many applications. That’s why it is not surprising that they get broken frequently. In most cases, you can replace an actuator instead of changing the equipment. Here, we will check how to replace a 12-volt electric actuator. Why this choice? These actuators are frequently used in most applications. That’s why if you ever face the need to replace an actuator, most likely, it will be a 12-volt electric actuator.

Check the Force Rating

The force rating value indicates how much your actuator can pull or push. This value is indicated in the unit`s label. The force rating is expressed in Newtons or Lbs.

Adjust the Stroke Length

You need to set up a stoke length of the linear actuator. To determine it, check the item`s label. In some cases, this value might not be indicated. Then, you can check the stroke length on your own. Extend the old actuator fully and measure its length. After that, retract the unit completely and measure its length again. Subtract the length value of the retracted item from the length value of the extended item. You will get the stroke length.

Pay Attention to IP Rating

The IP rating indicates in which environment you can use the unit. As an example, for indoor applications, you can select an actuator with a lower IP rating. Normally, IP20 to IP54 are values that are sufficient for such applications. If this is the case, most of the actuators will be fine for you.

If you are going to install the actuator outdoors, in a dusty or humid environment, higher IP values might be needed. You might need an actuator with IP65 and above. If you need any additional information about choosing a proper actuator for your application, contact https://12vactuators.com/ support for a free consultation.

More Things to Pay Attention to In some installations, you might need to know the unit speed and the noise level. These values are provided in the item`s label. If these values are not crucial, a rough estimation might work. However, most companies provide these data. As you can see, replacing a 12-volt actuator doesn’t pose a major issue. Follow our detailed instructions, and you will get your new actuator work perfectly.

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