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Posted By : Henry Browning
3/25/2021 6:18 PM


How do I clean my iron? Such a question often arises even among the owners of ultra-modern technical means for ironing linen and clothes (there is no other name for modern irons).

Indeed, if you plunge into the recent past and compare an iron that was heated by burning coals in it with a modern miracle of technical thought, you can see how an engineering genius seeks to make human life easier even in such seemingly trifles, creating complex and smart devices.

For some people, the problem that you need to clean the iron is far from familiar, because they do not clean, because they work maids https://www.livecleantoday.com/services/cleaning-maid-service. And the maid cleans the iron and other household appliances. It is very convenient for many people to have a maid. But if you do not have a maid and your iron is already very dirty, then the tips in this article will help you.

First advice.

When plaque appears as a result of burning on any non-synthetic fabric. It is necessary to use a detergent for the bathroom, which includes a fine cleaning powder (after wetting your hand, take a little of the product and rub it between your fingers, you should feel fine sand, not large grains of sand, coarse sand is not suitable for us).

  1. Take some cleaning agent and use a sponge to wipe off the plaque in a circular motion, it may take some time to remove the plaque, so be patient and erase all plaque until the surface of the iron sole plate shines.
  2. Then thoroughly rinse off the remaining paste and dirt with running water. The iron is clean and ready for use.

Second advice.

If synthetic fabric is adhered to the surface of the iron, several chemicals must be used:

  1. Solvent. Almost any solvent for enamel paints will work.
  2. Detergent for baths, which is better, see tip number two.
  3. Dishwashing detergent.

It is necessary to take a small piece of cotton or woolen cloth, moisten it abundantly with solvent and apply for a while to the dirty surface of the iron.

Then, periodically moistening in a solvent, we erase the adhered synthetics from the sole of the iron until it is completely removed. Then, using a bathroom cleaning paste, remove invisible synthetic residues. Then, for degreasing and final cleaning of the surface, we use a dish detergent, which we rinse off with running water.

Third advice.

If all of the above does not fit or does not solve the problem, then there remains a radical remedy with which you need to be as careful as possible. We need a sewer pipe cleaner. Since it contains acid, it is not suitable for irons with an aluminum sole that is not coated with a protective chromium layer. It is easy to determine that the surface is chrome-plated - by the mirror reflection in the sole.

  1. To begin with, we stock up with soda ash or washing powder, then wearing rubber gloves, in order to protect our hands from the effects of acid, we wipe the dirt on the iron with a small amount of agent, we look at the reaction, if hissing and the appearance of small bubbles begin, then we fall asleep with soda or powder.
  2. Then we wipe off the dirt with a rag.
  3. We repeat the procedure until the dirt is completely removed. Next, we do everything that is said in tip number three, and we get practically a new iron.

If no visible reaction occurs, then leave the wet cloth in the cleaning composition for a few minutes on the contaminated surface. Then sprinkle with baking soda and wipe off the dirt. We repeat the operation until the iron is completely cleaned. Then everything is as it is said in the third tip.

As for irons with an aluminum heel, they can be cleaned in this way only after the end of the procedure, it is necessary to treat the sole with a polishing paste to an almost mirror shine. Then it is natural to wash it off.

With such improvised means, you can easily return to life an iron that seemed to have to be thrown away. And so he will still serve for a long time, saving a little money on the purchase of his deputy.



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