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Every person is born with a particular potential which is unique to him. People are of different types and not all of them are brilliant students. Many work hard to get good marks, while others don't and yet manage to score well during examinations. There are also students who study hard but don't get the desired percentage. How to prepare for exams is a big question. Here are a few preparation tips to help students ace in exams:

Before starting with the studies, students should design their own time-table which directs all the material that has to be covered and tells them how much is needed to be studied each day. A schedule of every subject should be made with different priorities. Tough subjects and the ones in which a student is weak should be given more hours, and easier ones should be given less hours with sufficient intervals between each subject. The timetable should very importantly have breaks in between.

Fear and stress are one of the major factors which tend to become an obstacle in getting high percentage. One should loose all the fear and free his mind. Approximating a certain score to achieve is beyond our control .This fact also needs to be understood by parents, who should not pressurize their children but rather boost up their confidence.

Students should let go off the cramming part as it is not a good method of studying. Instead of this, they should make short notes while studying. Cramming everything can result in forgetting everything and making brief notes can help in remembering all points while revising the subject.

If the big question of where to study confuses you, the answer to it is very simple-study in a place where you feel comfortable, relaxed and where you can concentrate properly. If you can, study early morning, head to a library or any place where you find a quiet ambience.

Students should meditate or pray well before the exam as it helps in relaxing their mind and also provides immense energy and peace to the mind. And it is much important that you are confident about yourself of producing splendid result.

The biggest mistake students commit during exam time is that they don't sleep and eat well. They think sleeping is a waste of time. They should believe in the fact that they need to sleep between 6-8 hours a day. They also need to take care of their diet. They should try and avoid eat junk food, and instead include food which supplies continuous energy to their brain for a longer period of time.

Time is possibly the most important factor. According to a research conducted, human brain is in its most active state between 5 am to 8 am in the morning and in the evening between 7 pm to 11 pm. Therefore, students who study during these timings have the maximum retention power in comparison with others.

If students find their subjects boring, they can convert their chapters into various types of games such as repetition, flash cards and mnemonics. Students should sit with their notebook and write over and over, draw flash cards with information on them and go over them regularly, design funny rhymes or word associations to help remember the points.

Students should always be advised by their parents as well their teachers as to not use any kind of malpractice in exam hall as it may prove to be harmful for them and their future. If an answer is not known by them, they shouldn't attempt it as they have to prove no one but themselves.

When students write neatly and present their answer sheet in a proper way, they have more chances of securing high marks. Many times the teacher is not able to read all the answers but if she gets impressed by the way it has been presented then it would definitely lead to less deduction of marks.

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