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Posted By : Сarol Вixen
4/20/2019 2:55 PM

Most of the students who fail to finish home help hw assignments on time are either not organized or not focussed. Lack of proper planning and strategies is also a reason for their failure. These students must be motivated and should take their responsibility.


The major reason for their failure is procrastination. Procrastination is the process of getting involved with unimportant matters when you have important things to do. Students may play video games, watch TV series or use social media at the time they are expected to do their assignments. Another reason is their unorganized lifestyle.


What students need is a new approach towards their home assignments. They should understand the importance of home assignments and get motivated. Here are a few pieces of advice, which can be considered to build motivation among students. Homework is not a tough nut, anymore. Never waste free hours you get at school. Do as much homework as you can during free hours, so that you can relax at home. Break down your entire work into parts and do it separately. You will feel stress-free practicing this method. Set goals and once you achieve your goal, reward yourself. The reward can be some fun time or snacks. Always avoid procrastination. If you procrastinate, you are spending time worrying about the assignment. You can make use of this worrying time to complete the work. Work smarter, not harder. By taking breaks or setting time intervals, you can crack your assignment easily. Always think about the consequences, if you fail to submit the work on time. This can motivate you to do your assignments.

Just like the consequences think about the benefits you are going to get in the form of marks and grades, if you submit the assignment on time. Find a place to do assignment, where there are no distractions. Find a homework partner, who is focused and quiet. This will make you feel comfortable and help to do your work. Exercise briefly during works, which will make you feel refreshed. A regular routine and schedule will also help you. Prioritize your work and finish works according to the priority. Home assignments are not a big deal if you are focused and determined. Make sure that, you are motivated enough to finish your works on time.

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