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1/11/2016 11:02 AM
Everyone seeks success. Irrespective of the age, everyone wants to be success in life. Biggest objective of students is to pass in examinations. How to become a school or class topper? How to attain this success? Everyone would be eagerly reading this section with questions like this flashing across your mind. Some may think that if you belong to rich family you can succeed. Can riches bring success? Many poor students have succeeded at the state level working in teashops, hotels and by doing some pastime work or the other. Hence, family riches alone may not lead you to success.

Some students may think they could succeed if their parents had completed some higher education. Can parents having completed higher education help to excel in exams?

There are many instances were students of illiterate parents have excelled in examinations and even gone to several overseas countries like America. Hence, parents having completed higher education alone cannot help to excel in exams.

Some students worry about their peers that just because they attended tuitions or studied in English medium school they were able to excel in the examinations. Can tuition or good school assist to excel? If we look into the newspapers, we can realize that most of the state topper are from a very simple school or have not obtained any special tuition. Hence, special tuition or school is not the root cause for success?

By this time you would have come up with a strong question in your mind, which is exact cause for success? Dear students, only thing that is going to take through success is your SELF-INTEREST.

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advancedwriters 7/25/2019 5:17 PM
Some students are concerned about their colleagues because just because they studied tuition or studied in English high school they were able to excel in the exams. We want advancedwriters for our firm. Can tuition or good school excel? If we look into the newspapers, we will understand that most of the topper country are from very simple school or have not achieved any special tuition. Thus, special tuition or school is not the root of success?
thewritinghorsetyler 6/11/2019 8:19 PM
Most teachers suggest that understudies experience around two hours concentrating each week for each credit hour they take. Regardless, progressing examinations have seemed most understudies simply experience.

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