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Posted By : reshmakavi kavi
6/20/2020 4:38 PM

Google Analytics:

Google Analytics is a free tool that collects data to measure your website visitor activity and how you rank your search results. It provides free web analytics that includes all graphics, statistics, essential tools that are required for web analytics.

Some people have raised the attention of safety issues while using Google Analytics. From this Google Analytics dashboard, we can discover information about these websites and people who are connected to social media sites like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, etc. There are lots of companies that need a huge number of Commercials, So the people require an advanced system of Google analytics.

During your SEO campaign, you'll need to use Google Analytics to monitor keyword results, visitors. You should know how much traffic each keyword should carry to your website etc. Google Analytics Online Course at trainers will help you to become confident in using Google analytics through clear, step by step mentoring.


  • It involves data visualization which means that all the statistics, data, and everything relevant to one screen are obtained.
  • All data provided is segmented into a subset for easy analysis.
  • You can get a full custom report and even share your data with emails to make it easy to communicate. Not even integrating it with other tools like public data Explorer, Google Adwords, and Website Optimizer.
  • Google Analytics seems to be the most powerful in designing SEO strategies for any type of website/blog. Going to list out how Google analytics is helpful 
  • If the bounce rate for a few pages of your website is very high. You can optimize the user interface and modify the content part of the page.
  • Easy to know the major source of traffic. So, you can work more on that platform. Easy to know the performing keywords and non-performing keywords.
  • Perform more SEO activities corresponding to non-performing keywords. Using Goal can check the number of goals and also identify at what level users are leaving the site. The websites which are small or the startups or the companies which are of medium-sized Google analytics support these websites more. But on the other hand, it doesn’t provide much support to the larger websites and the websites having higher enterprises.
  • The data that is provided in the front end when we search something is provided by the Javascript page tags inserted on the pages and the codes on that data which the user wants.

In Conclusion, join Google Analytics Online Training at SkillsIon and learn the concepts with the latest trends on live projects by professionals experts.


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