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Posted By : Seysmeattat
3/30/2021 11:56 AM
Animal Crossing: New Horizons is over one year old. The mysterious Zipper T. Bunny has entered our island. Summer is coming, the ocean is full of cherry blossoms, the trees are full of fruits, and various balloons are floating in the sky. The recipe for this theme has also come. For the activity of looking for eggs, you need the following introduction.

Water Egg swims around in the water like a fish. Using our favorite fishing rod, you can catch it in the ocean and rivers around the island. The strange thing is that it is the same bait that fish-like.

Sky Egg is rare, we can get it randomly from balloons in the sky. Pay attention to the colorful balloons and make a pleasant but somewhat hoarse sound. Get ready to take your slingshot with you, you can't miss it if you meet it. You can always get some gifts, whether it's Animal Crossing Bells or ACNH Items.

Leaf Egg will replace a cash cow's fruit or money bag. So leave room for Leaf Egg generation and shake the original trees clean. Watch out for the wasps and remember to bring your healing medicine.

Wood Egg requires you to use an axe to chop trees to obtain it. You will always get it on a certain tree. But remember to use a stone axe, if you don't want only tree stumps left on the island.

Earth Egg is like digging fossils before. Run-on the island every day. Look for the 4-5 holes that will exist every day! Whether it is it or a fossil, it is a good acquisition. Summer islands often have surprises in the cracks in the ground!

The Stone Egg replaces the stone, iron, and clay that would have appeared in the original rock. Like the previous method of obtaining iron blocks, place the rock in the center and dig out a few holes next to it to form a nine-square grid. It would be better if it could accelerate the impact on the rock.

It doesn't matter if you got the Water Egg with a fishing rod, or found the Sky Egg in the sky; shook the tree down the Leaf Egg; smashed out the Stone Egg with a shovel; cut down the tree to get the Wood Egg; dug out the cracks in the ground Earth Egg; You will love Animal Crossing Bells. After all, Buy ACNH Furniture can help you accomplish many things.

hyhkdclub 9/8/2021 10:11 PM
shook the tree down <a href="https://hyhkd.club">hyhkdclub</a> the Leaf Egg; smashed out the Stone Egg with a shovel; cut down the tree to get the Wood Egg;

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