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Posted By : Emma Moore
5/26/2021 4:44 PM
Consumer behavior is the study of individuals or organizations and the activities undertaken by them to select, procure and use products or services to satisfy their needs and wants..Consumer behavior has been of much fascination to me. Some of the Market Research that I have done and analyzed has clearly indicated that. Whether a product is going to do well in the market or not is easy to pre-determine according to various researches that have been done on the market. It is, therefore, necessary that the consumer behavior is given prominence by business organizations. The consumer behavior research applies to me greatly in terms of activities involved in it. These activities are both psychological and physical in nature. As per the psychological activities, which involve thinking, I usually involve myself in thinking processes such as considering the need for the goods or services that I intend to buy. I also take into consideration what to spend on, what I need to purchase, when to purchase, how to purchase, comparing various features and prices of what I intend to buy. This is very important since it does not only help me avoid impulse buying, but it also helps me ensure that I buy what I really need. I also apply the physical activities undertaken by the consumer. They include me taking a walk or driving to the market to look at the available stock, paying for the goods and services and taking them back with me home. Understanding of consumer behavior also entails consideration of various factors which have strong influence on the consumer choice. These include cultural factors, psychological factors, personal and social factors. My understanding of these factors and how they influence the consumer behavior has had an impact on my life. It has made me dig deep into the internal and external environments with an intention of having better knowledge of such behavior. As someone who has big time interest in marketing, the knowledge of consumer behavior has enabled me to better my marketing skills. Actually, I have been able to apply this knowledge in this area in three broad perspectives. The consumer perspective is when the consumer behavior study is based on inquiry into how consumers buy, what they buy and why they buy (East et al, 2008). Generally, this perspective has given me a thorough understanding of the consumer consumption processes, both individually and in groups. In addition to this, I have managed to assess the influences of social groups such as peer groups, friends, family and the society as a whole on the consumer. These are vital components of marketing strategies. In light of the above observations, consumer behavior study is very vital for the success of any business organization. The importance of the need for organizations to be consumer oriented while providing managerial perspective for such an orientation must never be underestimated. However, what has been of the greatest influence on me is the whole process of consumer behavior, and how the marketing concepts are interconnected with consumer satisfaction as a crucial goal resulting in long term profits for business organizations. The article was prepared by Emma Moore, a writer at https://primeessays.com/samples/art/flamenco-music.html
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