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3/12/2021 8:17 PM

Since its foundation, Banco Inmobiliario Mexicano (BIM) has had the mission of meeting the credit and investment needs of the real estate market , which is why it has offered in a timely manner financial services and products for the design, construction, marketing and acquisition of all class of real estate and business related to this industry.

During 2019, BIM managed to achieve both its goals and its business objectives ; in terms of sales, the income corresponding to credit increased 12%; likewise, it remained in 6th. place in market share among the group of banks that grant bridge loans; the assets managed by its trustee doubled, that is, it managed to reach 27,335 million pesos (bpd) while the patrimonial banking obtained a growth rate of 28%, 4 thousand 627 bp of resources raised from the public.

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In an interview for Inmobiliare, Víctor Manuel Requejo Hernández , Chairman of the Board of Directors of Banco Inmobiliario Mexicano, explains that the results obtained in 2019 were good , “For example: in credit we gave the same amount in pesos as in 2018, we did not decrease our activity; in deposits we grew more than one billion pesos, that is, it rose 28%; We opened the Tijuana branch, we also relocated the Guadalajara and Monterrey Financial Centers; we increased the number of clients and our trustee doubled the assets we manage ”.


For 2020 , the banking institution's business objective is to finance real estate projects with an investment of at least 10 thousand 500 million pesos ; attract resources from the public for 5,875 million pesos ; manage 50 billion pesos in trust assets; support FOVISSSTE with the formalization of 1,750 new mortgage loans; and venturing into new lines of business that meet the credit and financial services needs of individuals and companies.

All this represents greater investments, increased resources and new credits; According to Víctor Manuel Requejo, BIM will lend approximately 10,500 million pesos in credit granted . It is worth mentioning that in 2019, the institution granted 9,020 million pesos; "When the figure [10,500] was discussed, I saw it as small, I would like to borrow more ... and in investment accounts the goal is to attract 1.2 billion pesos to reach the 5,875 billion pesos mentioned."

Regarding the new lines of financing, it informs that BIM will offer credit for the construction of small shopping centers , offices and industrial warehouses; Working capital will also be financed, the purchase of land and a new venture will be made in mortgage credit.

"These years we have not been in mortgage credit, only in bridge credit and real estate credit, lending for construction, and it is time to close the circle and lend for the acquisition of a house."

The evolution of BIM in 2020

Banco Inmobiliario Mexicano holds an annual meeting with suppliers and authorities of the sector, to present projects and objectives for the current year. During the 2020 event, the institution unveiled its new image, which represents a change of identity as a brand , with which they seek to simplify the name of the firm, communication and advertising, to establish business relationships.

Víctor Manuel Requejo Hernández , President of the Board of Directors of BIM.

“I think a change of image was necessary, we started 2019 with a new Director (Rodrigo Padilla), in addition we had already been managing the previous image for 10 years; additionally, people already knew us as BIM, so we adapted by making the name Banco Inmobiliario Mexicano smaller; in this way, we want to introduce the brand more in the minds of young people, since they tend to simplify things ”.

For Banco Inmobiliario Mexicano it is important that people continue to invest in a property , therefore the Chairman of the Board of Directors recommends buying a property now, taking advantage of the fact that loans are currently granted with low interest, long term and the interest rate is fixed .

Similarly, it mentions that the areas with the greatest potential for development in the country are: Centro; Mexico's valley; Bajío, Querétaro ; Southeast, Merida; Northwest, Culiacán and Tijuana . “There are many sources of expansion, sometimes in one place the activity falls, but in others it increases; for which we have a network throughout the country, when a branch decreases its movement there are others that increase and we balance ”.

Currently, BIM is made up of 370 collaborators, who work in a network of 17 customer service offices, 6 regional offices, 8 financial centers and a bank branch in Mexico City where more than 30% of their business is concentrated.

By Rubi Tapia

This is an article from issue 119 http://inmobiliare.com/digital/INMOBILIARE-119.pdf



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