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Posted By : Aaron Abbott
7/29/2021 7:25 PM


Exam Edge is an online test preparation platform where you can take up and practice several mock tests for your certification examinations. Exam Edge has collaborated with a vast number of reputed Institutional partners to provide you with a wide selection of practice tests that you can choose from to practice for your big day! Regardless of the niche or the field of studies you are in, Exam Edge will always be by your side to help you excel in your exams.

Exam Edge will provide you with the simulations of real exams and the experience of taking up an exam. This platform has curated many practice questions covering all the crucial syllabus, content, questions, and skills you will need to score to pass your exam effortlessly without breaking a sweat!

The packs offered by them are very affordable, starting at just $21, which is a meager cost in exchange for stress-free exams! This platform provides you tests and exams from a wide variety of industries with more than one type of exam to practice from!

In the following article, we shall be exploring the different industries exams they offer, the various exam types they offer, the very affordable prices, and more.

Industries offered:

Any industry you go to will most definitely conduct one or sometimes more than one type of exam and tests to evaluate how well you will fit in with the industry. This is also a perfect opportunity for candidates to show off their intellectual and technical knowledge about the industry they wish to join. 

Exam Edge offers a wide array of the industry to choose from for practice tests and exams. Let us take a look at them. 


Business professionals and entrepreneurs strive to earn various certifications to increase their knowledge in the industry and do better in their line of work. But most people don’t have the time to sit and take up courses and make notes and attend classes. For such people, Exam Edge is their best bet! 

Exam Edge offers mock tests for certification in payroll, HR, management, and more! They offer exclusive business-focused practice tests curated by big names in the industry such as the American Payroll Association, Society of Human Resource Management, and more!


The education industry is underwhelming even though it is supposed to be one of the most important industries out there. This industry must thrive and succeed by a huge number for an entire nation’s future to be bright and prosperous! 

One of the ways to ensure that this happens is to make sure that the education industry is well prepared and ready to go and answer any question or doubt that the students pose. 

Exam Edge ensures that the candidates are well versed and well prepared to take up any exam and ace it through and through! 

Teachers will now be ready and ready to take up any entrance test and show off their skill sets through these practice tests. Detailed certification exams such as TEXES and Praxis help educators qualify the requirements needed to step into their profession. Exam Edge helps them prepare for these exams and more without any difficulties!


If COVID has taught one thing, our healthcare workers' importance and how essential their vigilance is for us to lead a healthy, safe and happy life. And because of this very reason, healthcare professionals are held to extremely high professional standards. 

The qualifying or the entrance exams for the healthcare industries are known for their challenging and hard-to-pass exams. 

Well, Exam Edge has got your back here as well!

Be it nursing, dentistry, medical laboratory, radiology, nutrition, optometry, Exam Edge has the medical industry certification exams covered from head to toe. 

This platform offers healthcare-focused tests identical to exams offered to HESI, National Healthcareer Organisation, and more! Take up their FREE SAMPLE TEST NOW to check yourself and measure your preparedness for the actual exam!


Many of us are aspiring to study abroad and earn degrees from abroad. Also, if you look into it, you will get to know that international certifications hold quite a lot of weightage worldwide, especially if it is from a known institution.  

However, cracking the entrance exams and qualifiers from these institutions will pose a real challenge if you are not well prepared to take them up. 

Exam Edge is here to help you not only crack these exams but also to conquer them by yourself! 

Whether you are looking to join a graduate program in India, joining the American Army, or joining Canadian Healthcare, Exam Edge has got you covered!

This platform offers you tests for the DHA, IIM CAT, CSMLS, and much more!

These were just a few of the significant industries that Exam Edge offers. There are numerous industry exams and certification exams offered by Exam Edge and a FREE SAMPLE PRACTICE TEST of each, so head over to the website RIGHT NOW!

Offers Going On:

There are many Exam edge promo code and offers and offers available.

Exam Types:

The practice exams are straightforward to take up, and you can practice them whenever and however you want to. Be it while you are studying or on the go, Exam Edge has made it easy for anyone to attend these exams without any hassle and at the candidate’s ease. 

Timed Exam

Most major certification exams are timed to measure how you will perform under pressure. 

Exam Edge simulates similar exams that are also timed to help you perform under any circumstance, ace the exam, and pass with flying colors!

While taking these exams, you will feel the same pressure that you will feel on your exam day in a fixed time frame. Exam Edge’s timed test helps you discipline yourself and pace yourself well if you're worried about not having enough time to finish your actual exams. 

 These timed exams are a great way to practice good timing and decrease your exam anxiety.

No timing 

These exams are not timed and lets you take your time to ponder upon each question and answer carefully. These exams will help you grasp the concept much better, which will promote a better understanding of the questions. And since these exams will make you well versed in each idea, they will also simultaneously increase your overall speed while answering in your actual exams. 


 Exam Edge is a super affordable option if you’re looking to ace your exams in no time! 


The prices range from industry to industry. The starting prices of these instrumental practice exams are just $21 and range as per several practice tests you would like to take up. Use the promo code JULY 10 to get a special 10% off on your first order if you head to the website right now! 


Exam Edge is an industry leader in online tests and takes great pride in helping students fare their exams and pass their certification exams with 0 hassles. 


With their user-friendly interface and easy access, candidates can now take up and prepare for their exams anywhere and anytime they want, according to their ease and comfort.


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Drift Hunters 11/25/2021 9:57 AM
The Drift Hunters game is intended for fun only, don’t practice these actions in real life as it endangers your life and the lives of others.
my college exam 9/13/2021 4:28 PM
Legal assistance in passing my college exam is available to college students who need it. Students may also want expert assistance if they lack the necessary information to pass the examinations. They have many subjects to focus on and may not be conversant with all the subjects.
writing services 9/1/2021 3:59 AM
Edge exams, courses are basically conducted online and they also collaborate with vast trusted institutes for professional services. They are doing a great job in providing all possible services for college students. They also offer leverage for students on most of college projects.

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