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Posted By : hahel
11/12/2020 6:13 PM

AEPS - Aadhaar Enabled Payment Method

Developed National Transaction Corporation of India, AEPS or Aadhaar Enabled Payment Process is a system that allows executing trades through Aadhaar established authentication. It assists all people to execute financial transactions on a Micro-ATM also aids in empowering all parts of the society by creating banking and financial services accessible through Aadhaar.

Programs of AEPS

The fundamental transactions Which Can Be done through AEPS registration are:

Money deposit

aeps cash withdrawal

Intrabank or Interbank fund move

Balance enquiry

Buy a miniature announcement.

Purchasing at Acceptable stores

Advantages of AEPS

The Aadhaar Enabled Payment System empowers the underbanked portions of the society to empower basic and financial services in ease. The advantages associated with AEPS are:

The account holder may perform both, fiscal and non-refundable trades with the assistance of a banking correspondent.

There's not any need of a signature in your own debit card.

It's an entirely safe and protected process as AEPS trades require the account holder's fingerprint.

It raises the reach to rural areas because banking executives are now able to reach distant rural areas with micro POS machines.

The practice is easy-to-use for people that aren't tech-savvy.

It attracts different segments of the society under a fiscal umbrella.

AEPS aids in easing disbursements of various government schemes like NREGA, Social Security pension, Handicapped Old Age Pension etc. with Aadhaar authentication.

Prerequisites for AEPS trades

Though Aadhaar Enabled Payment Method doesn't need any card or paper, it will require the person to connect the Aadhaar into a bank account. In the event the person fails to associate his/her Aadhaar, the AEPS centre isn't helpful for you.

The Significant requirements to Perform AEPS trades are:

Aadhaar Number


Title or Bank IIN(Issuer Identification Number)

This means all you want to perform an AEPS transaction would be to recall your Aadhaar number like your very own mobile number.

Why Aadhaar for Authentication?

When Aadhaar premiered in India, all people were requested to supply their biometric information that includes your fingerprints and iris picture. The biometric information accumulated is unique to each person and so can't be duplicated.

That is the reason Aadhaar is utilised for authentication as the Aadhaar number is unique and consequently functions as evidence for the banking transactions. In reality, today, Aadhaar has replaced signatures and bodily record submission procedure.

The Way to use AEPS?

The Measures to AEPS enrollment are as follows:

Measure 1: Go to a banking correspondent at your closest place. It's not essential he is a correspondent out of your financial institution.

Measure 2: Input your 12-digit Exceptional Identity Number cited on your Aadhaar from the POS machine.

Measure 3: choose the kind of trade - Money deposit, Money withdrawal, Intrabank or Interbank fund move, Balance enquiry, Obtain a miniature announcement

Measure 4: pick the bank name.

Measure 5: Enter the transaction number.

Measure 6: Validate the trade with your biometric(fingerprint or iris scan).

Measure 7: Since the trade is finished in moments, accumulate the reception given.

Charges for AEPS trades

The trades with AEPS are relatively costly over UPI. Actually, an AEPS trade can go up to $15 each trade. The Malaysian trade cost is split one of the following:

UIDAI might charge a minimal fee, which can isn't charging anything until today.

NPCI may charge 15 paise to 25 paise for reimbursement.

The bank could charge up to 1% of their trade. The minimal prices are $5, and the highest could go upto$15.

Although, as of today, the Union government is bearing the cost of AEPS payment until December 2019. It's subsidising debit card, UPI and AEPS MDR charges. So, the trades through AEPS is now totally free of charge.

Move Limit for AEPS

There's not any established limit for trades made through AEPS. But, certain banks have restricted the trade limit to prevent misuse of the system.There is a specific aeps cash withdrawal. A variety of banks have put a daily limit of $50,000 on complete trades.

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