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Central Board of Secondary Education All India Engineering/Architecture Entrance Examination Unit

 Important Notice for Aspiring Candidates of AIEEE-2012 (OFFLINE &ONLINE EXAMS)

Keeping in view that Offline and online examinations of All India Engineering Entracne Examination (AIEEE) are to be conducted on different dates i.e. 29th April, 2012 (offline), 7th, 12th, 19th and 26th May, 2012, (online), multiple sets of question papers witht he same difficulty level have been prepared for AIEEE-2012 to be conduted by the Board. Subject Experts who have prepared the question papers have certified that the entire syllabus of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry has been covered in each questionpaper set by dividing the syllabus of each subject into appropriate number of units and choosing equeal number of questions from every unit. Further, in every set, each subject carries the same percentage of easy, medium and difficult questions. This ensures the same difficulty level of each set of question paper.

 Director (SPL. Exams)

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