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Posted By : Alger Stokes
8/25/2021 4:40 PM


Students are very happy when they enter into a new school or college life. But their happiness remains till the burden of assignments and home tasks is imposed on them. Students are then found asking one another to write my essay for me. After some time, these statements become so common to the one who knows how to write an essay.

All friends or peers are then dependent on that one person. If students understand what an essay is and its types, they can easily write their essays and score well. For the ease of such students, here is a great article to get knowledge about essays.

What is an Essay?

An essay is a piece of information that rotates around a topic. This topic could be an idea, event, personality, etc. Essays are written by essay writer to describe events or objects. They are also considered important in academic writing as they help instructors evaluate a student’s writing skills.

The general structure has an introductory paragraph, an explanatory paragraph termed as body section, and an ending paragraph named as concluding paragraph.

Types of Essays

There are 4 major types of Essays depending upon their nature and style of writing:

Argumentative Essay

This type of essay requires the author to argue about the provided topic with strong evidence. An argumentative essay also has the same three sections; introduction, body, and conclusion. Besides the same structure, the information provided in this is totally different. If you are confused take help from essay writing service.

An author of an argumentative essay has to provide a statistical analysis of the topic. In this essay, you have to compel the reader to agree upon your school of thought related to the topic.

We all have written in an argumentative style, as in college, it is the most common tone to attempt any assignment.

Expository Essay

In an expository essay, the authors clearly explain the topic, providing all its pros and cons. This essay aims to provide information. For this reason, it can be written in an assertive tone.

You can start this essay with some general background information, present the details and then summarize this explanation to a conclusion.

Narrative Essay

This type of essay is the most amazing as it has a storytelling tone. An author usually discusses their own life experience while writing a narrative essay. It is commonly used in academic writing.

A narrative essay should be well written when you write my paper, following up the introduction, body, and conclusion structure. Start it with narrating a story and end it with what you learned from such an experience.

Descriptive Essay

A descriptive essay is self-explanatory from its name. It is used to describe more about any object, idea, personality, or stance. While writing a descriptive essay, the tone is more like a narrative essay.

Creative language, striking words, and describing sentences are used in descriptive essays to keep the reader engaged throughout an essay.

Examples of Essays

Here are some essay topics just to clear your mind what type of topics come under such essays:

Essay Topic

Type of Essay

My favorite place in the United States

Descriptive Essay

The experience of little inventions made by you

Narrative Essay

Do vaccination be required for students to attend their school?

Argumentative Essay

Explain why parents are sometimes strict?

Expository Essay

Academic Essay writing is something you always come across. So, it is better to know all the aspects of writing, especially paper writing service. By having knowledge and continued practice, you can have the best writing skills that will help in getting good grades. Moreover, academic writing services always welcome students to divide their academic burden.

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