IFUW International Awards

What is IFUW International Awards?

It is International Federation of University Women International Awards was formed in 1919 by women graduates, who thinks that working together is important for peace, friendship and international understanding. This also links the network of women graduates from all cultures along with different fields and professions. It has more than 75 affiliates along with members who are present more than 100 countries.IFUW is the mode which empower women and girls by way of life long education.

Main objective for IFUW International Awards:

  • The main objective of this award is to promote lifelong education for women and girls.
  • To promote international cooperation based on friendship, peace and respect for human rights irrespective of Class, gender and age along with other status.
  • It encourage and enable women along with girls to maximize their knowledge and skills regarding decision making and leadership in all kinds of public and private life
  • This award will benefit the women and girl as they are looking for women and girls graduate only.
  • This will enable women to conduct research and development regarding any discipline.
  • This award will cover the areas regarding education, security, science and technology along with the peace.

Eligibility for IFUW International Awards:

  • This scholarship is can be available to those female who are graduates and post graduate at doctoral level regarding any discipline.
  • He or she should be the member of IFUW federation throughout the world.
  • This program can be pursed from anywhere in the world.
  • These awards are intended for the second year of a doctoral program, the students who are in first year cannot qualify for the job
  • There are also many awards which are granted on the basis of master’s level studies.
  • Students who are dealing with any other branch regarding its learning may also apply for the award.

Some Awards carries restriction with them like

  • British Crosby Hall Fellowship along with Marjorie Shaw International fellowships is reserved for those women who want to study or carry their research work in Great Britain.
  • The Dorothy leet grants are available for those women graduates from other countries who are having low per capita income. This Award is also available, to women who wish to work as a experts in this countries or may continue to do research for the benefits of the country.

Application Procedure for IFUW International Awards:

  • Application form will be available from March at the headquarters of IFUW situated in many countries.
  • Scholarship includes 3000-6000 Swiss France which includes the expenses for accommodation along with Research.

Duration for IFUW International Awards:

IFUW International Awards is 2 months.Around 25 Scholship are granted annually. This scholarship is open for all applicants from any countries. They also give awards to such students who are Specialize in his training work along with independent research work conducted. They also help the students in completing their post graduate degree.

Before applying for the IFUW competition, all the candidates should have obtained admission to such a place where they selected for study or to carries their research work. No help is given to the students for attending the conference and also not granted for family support

The British Federation Crosby Hall Fellowship and the Marjorie Shaw International Fellowship are reserved for women whose study or research will take place in Great Britain. The Dorothy Leet Grants are reserved for women graduates from countries with a low per capita income and those who either wish to work as experts in these countries or whose research is of value to such countries.`

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