List of Central Universities in India

Education in India has been divided under various portions. Some portions are governed by the government itself where as other portions are taken care by private ownerships. There are some parts which are undertaken by both the government as well as private organizations. Central Universities in India is established way back by an act passed by parliament. The central universities are also known as the Union University which comes directly under Department of higher education. Central Universities in India is ruled under Union Human resource Development ministry.

Recognition of Central Universities in India

There is a particular body that recognizes Central Universities in India. University Grant Commission is the body under which Central Universities in India gets its affiliation. This particular body draws its power from the act that took place in the year 1956. In order to provide accreditation and rule the Central Universities in India, professionals at different level are employed to take care various rules and regulation and the operation of various educational institutions. The administrations as well as examination part is also been controlled by the professionals employed by UGC in each Central Universities in India.

Relation of UGC with Central Universities in India

UGC shares healthy relationship with Central Universities in India. As per the record of education ministry, there are 42 Central Universities in India. The Central University which is recently established in Jammu has not yet started. Till June 2011, it remained as un operated. Apart from Central Universities in India, there are many more educational organizations that have a direct control by UGC. Some of them are state Universities, Deemed Universities and private Universities. Even there are many institutions that are granted recognition so that they can provide autonomous award degrees. But those are not officially known as Universities. Rather they are the autonomous organizations or autonomous institutes. The recognition is not done by UGC in these cases. They are the organizations where every administrative work is controlled by themselves. Department of Higher education controls such autonomous bodies. These are having their own research centres and technological field with all facilities for students.

List Of Central Universities in India

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