List of Agricultural Universities in India

India is a nation with 75% dependency on agriculture. People of this particular nation lives in agriculture. Especially the farmers who provide us with our food struggle a lot for proper education. But today agricultural Universities established at various parts of the nation provides ample scope for all individuals who wish to make their career in the field of agriculture.

The organization named as Indian agricultural university association is a registered society which has got 53 agricultural Universities associated with the same.

Status of various agricultural Universities

Some agricultural Universities have got the status of deemed university where as some are central universities. There are major sections of agricultural Universities that are regarded as only members. The agricultural Universities have various functions. A proper scope of education in the field of agriculture is provided with the help of agricultural Universities. Another group of agricultural Universities takes care of research and development. There are various agendas raised by the executive committee with regards to the budget estimates.

Objectives of agricultural Universities

You will be able to find different objectives lay down by agricultural Universities. One of them is to serve inter agricultural university. Various programs are undertaken for a vivid promotion to increase the standard of education in the field of agriculture. The agricultural Universities have also got the objective to provide innovative techniques so that farmers associated at each level can produce the products with care and influence. A proper training is provided to young individuals who are having not much knowledge about various agricultural products. One of the objectives of agricultural Universities also includes coordination with cooperatives so that a sound development with regards to research and development takes place. The university staff members are also very efficient in their duties. Faculty members are basically from the research background. Each agricultural University have got motive to facilitate proper assessment about agricultural product. A good practical exposure to each and every student associated within the organization is really important. Innovation in the field of assessment is also an important fact associated with agricultural Universities in India. There are allied programs and trainings with proper action.

List Of Agricultural Universities in India

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