Luce Scholars Program

Scholarship For:

Degree in abroad, research in abroad, Certification and other training in abroad.

Scholarship Field:

Higher education, religion and theology, American art, opportunities for women in science and engineering etc.

The Henry Luce Scholars Program focuses on studies in the following areas:

  • American Art
  • Asia
  • Clare Boothe Luce Program
  • Henry R Luce Initiative on Religion and International Affairs
  • Henry R Luce Professorships
  • Higher Education
  • Luce Scholars
  • Public Policy and the Environment
  • Theology

Scholarship Sponsor:Henry Luce Foundation (HLF)

The Luce Scholars program was launched by Luce Foundation with a motive to enhance the understanding of Asia among potential leaders in the society of America. Luce Scholars get a chance to broaden their perspective and cultural insights through immersive living and work experience in Asian countries. The nature of grant is different in different scholarship programs like only Clare Booth Luce Program, Henry Luce III Theology Fellows, and Dissertation Fellowships in American Art only provide grants to individual applicant. Henry Luce Foundation does not fund for the development work in foreign countries, media, journalism, film project, or performing art. It does not fund for health care or medical projects.

Eligibility for the Luce Scholars Program:

  • Applicant should be a permanent legal resident of U.S
  • Applicant should be armed with a graduate degree and has to appear in national level competition to get the award.
  • Applicant should not be more than 30 years of age by the 1st of July.
  • Applicant has to send a letter to the program director or officer for the availability of the grant in the project he is interested in.
  • Those who already have significant experience in Asia or Asian studies or resided in Asia for a long time are not eligible for this program.
  • Priority will be given to the candidates who have taken Asian language or Asia focused course on a U. S. campus. Candidates who have spent up to a total of eight weeks, or have participated in a university-organized summer program, in one or more countries where Luce Scholars are placed, will also be considered.

Value of Scholarship:

  • Candidates get the benefit of stipend, language training, and individualized professional placement in Asia during the scholarship period.
  • Candidate gets an opportunity to fly abroad and interact with other nationís people.
  • Candidates interested in the study of American Art, Asia, Higher Education and Theology should only apply.
  • Candidate should be fervent, and interested to know about the society and culture of another nation.
  • Candidate should be well-balanced and self disciplined.
  • Scholarship is provided to 15 young American students.
  • The value of Luce Scholars Program is that it provides golden opportunity to its passionate, competent, enthusiastic, and dedicated candidates to study abroad and interact and get benefitted by the experience of other nationís people.

How to Apply Luce Scholars Program:

  • No individual candidate can apply.
  • Nominations are made by 75 participating colleges and universities.
  • It is not necessary that they are campus students of nominated college or university. The students of graduating seniors, graduate or professional students currently at the nomination institute can select them.

The deadline of each nominating institution varies, typically sometimes in November.

Duration of Scholarship:

Tenure of scholarship varies with the program chosen by the candidate.

Contact Address Luce Scholars Program:

Henry Luce Foundation
51 Madison Avenue, 30th Floor
New York, NY 10010
Phone :212.489.7700
Fax :212.581.9541

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