Fulbright Scholarships

Fulbright Scholarships program is sponsored by the US states department of state. This program is very useful for the students because it provides funds to students, teachers, scholars and professionals for undertaking their studies related with graduation field along with the research work and teaching in university or schools.

Fulbright Scholarships was established in the year 1946 by the US congress in order to enable the government to increase the mutual relationship between the people of other countries along with United States. The award which are granted comes to 6000.This Scholarship programs only supports 1700 US citizen to carry out their work related with teaching ,research activity and studying. It may also include teaching assistance to any other countries in the name of US program.

Fulbright Scholarships arranges for funds from the congress of US to the department of state. There are many types of Fulbright Scholarships which includes:-

  • Fulbright US Student Program-This program includes the Scholarship which is granted to US students who has engaged in doing graduation courses along with the professionals and artists, who has engaged in their work along with study abroad minimum for one year. This program also includes English teaching session.
  • Fulbright Foreign Student Program-This Scholarship enables the students who are not living in United States, to carry out their study and research work from abroad in United States. Scholarships are also renewed after the one year or initial year of study.
  • Fulbright US Scholar Program- This Scholarship enables the scholars, artists and professionals to go abroad for lectures and carry out their research work and study up to a certain year
  • Fulbright Visiting Scholar Program-This Scholarship program enable the foreign scholars, artists and professionals to give lectures and carry out their  post doctoral research work in United States up to a certain year.
  • Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant Program-This scholarship program provides the opportunities for English teachers from other countries to refine their skills regarding to teaching and broaden their knowledge according to American culture.

Fulbright Scholarship for Indian students

Under Graduate Scholarship for Indian Students

  • Fulbright Scholarship is awarded to Indian students who will contribute complete pictures of cultures of India. The Indian students help to promote the friendship and understanding between the Unites States and India.

Eligibility For Fulbright Scholarship

The students applying for scholarship should be good in their academic or professional term. They should have good command over the English language to undertake their program and projects and also able to adjust the life in US. For applying to this Scholarship one should have to complete the application form with full details along with important documents like academic records and research work and enclosed with self addressed stamp and delivers to USIEF office in region.

  • Learn Hub Dream Study Scholarship- This scholarship is a kind of Bursury which is granted once in a year after the first semester. This scholarship is used for buying books, to pay the fees and also to buy equipments needed in the study.

Eligibility of Scholarship

The students should be the citizen of India and Completed at least one year in the American university. For the application procedure one has to follow each and every instruction while going to their websites.

  • Ambassadorial Scholarships by the Rotary Foundations-This is the world largest funded scholarship for international students which were formed in 1947. The aim behind this scholarship is to increase the understandings and friendly relations between the countries. For this Rotary foundations have raised 38000 men and women. They offer many types of scholarship for graduates and undergraduates along with professionals.

In order to apply for this scholarship one has to approach to his local Rotary club for the applications procedure.

Other Scholarships in International

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