Marion Wright Edelman Scholarship

Scholarship For:

Certification and other training in abroad.

Scholarship Field:

Social service.

Scholarship Sponsor:

Lisle Fellowship.

Marion Wright Edelman Scholarship is named after eponymous social activist Marion Wright Edelman who had a true heart and was a messenger of peace in the brutal, ruthless, and fierce world. The foundation expects the same from its future candidates. The foundation is aspired to search or create such bonfires and generous social workers who wish to work for the betterment of children by eradicating poverty related issues, highlighting responsibilities of the parents for improving the education, health care and other key concerns which damage the psyche of the children. The fund is offered to the scholars who strive to create a better world devoid of barbaric and mindless violence, disparity, bigotry, corruption, and intolerance.

Eligibility for Marion Wright Edelman Scholarship:

  • Applicant can be of any race, religion, gender, age, nationality, and political color etc.
  • Applicant should posses an unblemished character and strive to usher as a voice for poor, minority , feeble and handicapped children
  • Applicant should have a zest and enthusiasm for the betterment of future generation and display right attitude and initiative for the integrity and universal brotherhood.
  • Applicant should have dedication and passion for social work.

Value for Marion Wright Edelman Scholarship:

Since 1936 Lisle scholarship has been offering intercultural programs. Lisle is incorporated in New York as a non-profit educational organization. The goal of this scholarship is to raise the consciousness of the students and help them understand the living conditions of the children in another part of the world. Candidate gets an opportunity to increase their knowledge about the world around them and create a bond with the future generation. The value of Lisle scholarship is that it emphasizes on the promotion of the message of universal solidarity and peace devoid of mindless and barbaric violence, discrepancy, corruption, and intolerance. Lisle volunteers want to make the world more aware of and understand the current problems which nowadays children and teens of the present generation are facing in the form of illiteracy, acute poverty, malnutrition, unpredictable and erratic diseases, teenage pregnancy, drug addiction, distorted psychological behavior, exploitation etc.

Scholarship Amount:

Candidate gets an aid of $1,000 in his/her doctoral program.

How to Apply for Marion Wright Edelman Scholarship:

  • Candidates have to register themselves in the Lisle unit.
  • Candidates have to write a letter to the Lisle unit stating the intention and benefits he/she will     acquire through the program.

Duration for Marion Wright Edelman Scholarship:

The duration of scholarship varies with the program chosen by the candidate.

Contact Address:

Scholarship Coordinator,
Lisle Fellowship
900 County Road 269
Leander, TX 78641
Scholarship Website :


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