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Degree in abroad.

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Scholarship Sponsor:

The Children’s Scholarship Fund (CSF).

Ted Forstmann and the late John Walton Launched the Children’s Scholarship fund (CSF) with an aim to justify children’s right to education. The mission of the fund was to give the privilege of education to the children of those families who are not financially sound or could not effort it for their offspring. In this mission CSF has given a financial assistance of more than $443 million that helped in transforming life of more than 116,000 children. With a belief that education can make the living, future and career of the children more secure and tangible the foundation is putting its striving effort and expects the contribution of the parents by helping and supporting their children that could bring radical change in their life.

Eligibility for the Children’s Foundation Scholarship:

  • Child should be more than 5 years old.
  • Financial assistance is given to all children who can and want to attend school.
  • Applicant can be of any religion, community, race, origin, and gender.
  • The amount of financial grant is determined by the size and condition of the family.

Value of Scholarship

  • Scholarship is provided from the kindergarten to 8th standard, although foundation bears only half of the tuition fees though it is of great help to under privileged families who dream of giving better life to their wards besides of their feeble condition.
  • Even the poorest of the poor can have the privilege of sending their wards to private schools in which they believe could serve their children better.
  • Child gets a golden opportunity to study in the private school of America.

How to Apply Children’s Foundation Scholarship:

Find the CSF partner program in your nearest city or state and inquire about the scholarships offered and does it fulfils your requirement. Complete and return application with the details of your tax forms and/or other financial information as well as report card of the current public school. Application has to be signed by the principal of your desired private school. Scholarships are generally given on first –come first- served basis.

Contact Address:

Children’s Scholarship Fund
8 W. 38th Street, 9th Floor,
New York, NY 10018
Telephone:  (212)515-7100
Fax: (212)515-7111
Scholarship Website:

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