Amelia Earhart Fellowships


Amelia Earhart Fellowships are awarded by the Zonta International Foundation which was established in the year 1938 in honor of Amelia Earhart who was a piolet along with the member of Zonta club. This scholarship is granted to women annually for pursuing PhD course or doctoral degree in the field of aerospace which is related in science and engineering field.

About Amelia Earhart Fellowships Scholarship:

The Scholarship amount of US$10000 should be used by university or college for further offering post graduate courses along with degrees. Students applying for the scholarship must be registered themselves in Full time PhD or doctoral program when the funds regarding this program should be received in the month of September. Candidates who are pursuing this course may also apply to renew this scholarship for second year. The procedure for application and evaluation is same as it has been for first year.

Eligibility for Amelia Earhart Fellowships Scholarship:

Women applying for scholarship should be from any nationality and should pursue PhD or doctoral degree in the subjects of Aerospace -related science and aerospace related to engineering. The members and employees of Zonta international foundation are not eligible for scholarship.

Requirements for Amelia Earhart Fellowships Scholarship:

  • Women who are going to apply for the scholarship must be registered themselves in Full time Doctoral program or PhD in the respective field of aerospace of science and engineering related.
  • Women who are applying for this scholarship must have a good academic record in the respective subjects.
  • They should provide an evidence of their research program in a well defined manner in the respective subjects along with academic documents and publications.
  • They should get registered themselves for this program at the time when the funds are going to be received in the month of September.
  • They should also explain the purpose of research in a suitable way which should links it to aerospace.
  • Before applying for this scholarship they should attach two letters of references along with application form for the purpose of verification.

Application procedure for Amelia Earhart Fellowships Scholarship:

For application procedure you should download the form from the website and complete it in full respect and should contains all the necessary documents with complete information related to

  • Biographical information
  • Plans which are prepared in order to study the course.
  • List should include all the grades which are being received by university and college.
  • List of scholarship or fellowship received by candidate.
  • Should include publication which was previous one.
  • Mention the history in terms of employment.
  • Essays include professional goal along with academic program.
  • There should be three recommendations in which one recommendation is important from advisor or supervisor.
  • Current enrollment form should be verified by particular university or college.
  • In case if there is any non-English document then it should be converted into English.
  • Information’s regarding books, articles, pamphlets or curriculum vitae is not considered.
  •  If the candidate is going for second time scholarship must complete the application form in full details, mentioning about the research program  and also identifying the area where you have achieved something in case previous scholarship.

The Zonta international committee reviews all the applications and they should get notified at the end of April.

Benefits for Amelia Earhart Fellowships Scholarship:

  • The scholarship which is granted may be used as a tuition fees along with books and other expenses. All the payments are made in the month of September.
  • Candidates may also accept additional grant and scholarship from sources which are apart from this.
  • Candidates who have achieved scholarship are not allowed to defer it as this foundation will go for new in the New Year.

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