Youth for Understanding International Exchange Scholarships

Scholarship For:

Certification and other training in abroad

Scholarship Field:

Socio,cultural and economic values.

Scholarship Sponsor:

Youth for understanding International Exchange (YEU)

Youth for Understanding International Exchange (YEU) has conducted the program in more than 30 countries of the globe. The students of YFU get the opportunity of immersed living with the fellows of a family of a different nation. The social, cultural, and economic values of the host family helps them to broaden their perspective and see the world form a different but positive and optimistic view. The family is also benefitted with their interaction and thus the knowledge and experience the teenagers get in another nation helps them to improve and enhances skills, insight, and flexibility.
The aim of YFU is to spread the message of peace, solidarity, and universal brotherhood. YFU believe in the betterment of human race without giving much importance to the defined geographical area. The education and knowledge teenager receive in the program imbibes him/her with the feeling of peace, harmony, solidarity, and tolerance crucial to become a good citizen in the future and serve the nation and civilization.

Eligibility for the Youth for Understanding International Exchange Scholarships:

  • Candidate can be of any race, religion, gender, color, and community.
  • The age of the candidate should be between 15-18 years.
  • Candidate should have achieved a score of 3 GPA for 1 year and 2 GPA for summer semester.
  • Candidate should be physically fit
  • In some countries proficiency in their native language is demanded.

Value of Scholarship (Youth for Understanding International Exchange Scholarships):

  • Candidate gets an opportunity to visit beautiful places of the foreign locations and meet and interact with the people of different culture and community.
  • The amount of the award cover the tuition and travel expenses incurred during the program.
  • Candidate gets the opportunity of international exchange experience which enhances the leadership skill and international understanding.
  • The awareness and obligation that aspiring students should possess for the other community enhances.
  • Living in another country and in between the people of different cultural background and speaking different language, inspires them to adopt and attain another culture and learn different language.

Deadline for the applications are due in December but some may have in October or January.
The notifications are announced in April.

How to Apply Youth for Understanding International Exchange Scholarships:

Scholarships are awarded on the basis of comprehensive evaluation test. It is the responsibility of the YFU USA to review all the applications and select the eligible candidates and call them for the interview.

Contact Address :

Youth for Understanding International Exchange (YFU)
6400 Goldsboro Road, Suite 100
Bethesda, MD 20817
Telephone: +1(866)4-YFU-USA
Fax: +1(240)235-2104
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