USAID Fellows Program

Scholarship For:

Certification and other training in abroad.

Scholarship Field:

Social and economic development.

Scholarship Sponsor:


USAID has provided unselfish and trust worthy economic and compassionate support to millions of people of more than 100 countries in nearly 50 years. The ethos of USAID is to develop a lobby of altruistic experts who are devoted in the development of civilization giving less concern to the defined geographical areas. The aim of the program is to create awareness among the people on the feeble and pathetic condition of women, and their exploitation. The program aims to emancipate women from their inhuman condition and empower and motivate them to take part in process of development of their country. Along with gender analytical skills the other concerning fields which USAID wants be developed are economic growth and agricultural development, development of information and technology, environment, monitoring and evaluation, disability and gender related efforts, education and training etc.

Eligibility for USAID Fellows Program:

  • Candidate can be of any race, religion, sex, marital status, sexual orientation.
  • Candidate should be armed with a graduate or post graduate degree.
  • Candidate should have excellent academic achievements.
  • Candidate should have achieved a place of honor in his/her profession and work place.
  • Candidate should have zest and competence to understand the pathetic condition of women and aspiration to perform operations for their wellness.

Value for USAID Fellows Program:

The knowledge and experience that a candidate gets from the mentor during the program creates and enhances the ability to develop a workplan and achieving the objective in the career.

Candidate gets a chance to understand the cause and consequences of the condition of the women in his and other society.The knowledge that he/she gets from the culture and community of another nation can be used to uplift the condition of the women of his/her native land. Moral and its implication that he/she will achieve in the specified program can be bring a radical change in the society. A female form the foundation of a family, her emancipation will bring a positive change in the society and later on in the community and civilization.

Duration for USAID Fellows Program:

Scholarship is awarded for a period of 1 year but can be extended in exceptional cases.

How to Apply for USAID Fellows Program:

Preference will be given to the candidate who has work experience in relevant international USAID and proficiency in a foreign language because overseas placements can be made.

The experts of National Screening Panel select the most eligible candidates through screening test and interview. Later on the deserving candidate has to go through a training program which reflects the aim and ethos of the program that is gender-training analysis, program policies of IWID, policy of USAID and guidelines governing the activities of the fellow.

Contact Address

1400 K Street, N. W., Suite650
Washington, DC 20005
Telephone: (202)898-0600
Fax: (202)326-7698
The names, telephone numbers of the concerned persons are:
Usha Balakrishnan, Senior Program Officer.
Phone: (202)326-7855.

Aimee Fullman, Senior Program Coordinator,

Phone :( 202)326-7710
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