Hamilton College scholarships

Scholarship For:

Degree in Abroad.

Scholarship Field:

ll undergraduate and professional course applicants are considered for this scholarship.

Scholarship Sponsor:

Hamilton College Scholarships.

Hamilton College in London is a dynamic place which provides superior academia, excellent and outstanding mentors, a beautiful location, and tuition in London. It is a very renowned University, devoted and dedicated for education. Hamilton college scholarship provides scholarships to all the deserving candidates who are interested in expanding their education and knowledge. Opportunities are provided for international studies and ground breaking research. Candidate gets a chance to explore new country, new skills, and new attitude. Candidates career skill and dexterity attains new heights. Candidates gain an understanding of leadership competencies and opportunities.

Eligibility for the Hamilton College Scholarship:

  • Any candidate who has academically achieved 60% or above in the previous qualification can apply for the Hamilton Scholarship.
  • The Thomas Carlyle scholarship is open to all undergraduate and professional course aspirants.
  • The scholarship is provided on the first- come- first served basis.
  • Applicants can apply before 6 months of the commencement of the program.

Value of Scholarship - Hamilton College Scholarship:

  • The Hamilton scholarship amount covers the 40% of the tuition fee amount in all the courses. The scholar’s performance and achievements can open their door for the Thomson Carlyle Scholarship in which they don’t have to pay a single penny of the tuition fee. The degree of value is excellent for career opportunities. Scholarship amount is approximately $30,050 per academic year.
  • The Thomas Carlyle Scholarship covers the full tuition fee. Only one candidate is selected for this scholarship. Those students who do not strive to achieve the purpose of the scholarship have to withdraw their scholarship and have to pay the remaining amount of the fee.
  • On the basis of the demonstrated financial need the native fellow can chose work-study (campus employment) program for U.S. citizens. For international scholars it is federal work-study eligibility.
  • Candidate’s social, cultural, political, and linguistic knowledge increases and attains broader perspective.
  • The candidate gets an opportunity to meet and interact with international scholars and enriched and stimulated by their thoughts.

How to Apply Hamilton College Scholarship:

Applicant has to submit an online filled form with a copy of resume or curriculum vitae. Personnel and financial details which includes the U.S. income tax and New York State tax form for U.S. citizens .International students has to submit the International Student Financial Aid Application and Documents of the Certification of Finances and the need of the financial scholarship is asked to produce

Contact Address:

Hamilton College
198 College Hill Road
Clinton, N.Y. 13323
Telephone: 315-859-4421, 800-843-2655
FAX: 315-859-4457
Email for admission: admission@hamilton.edu
Scholarship Website: www.hamiltoncollege.org.uk

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