Economic History Association Grants and Fellowships

Scholarship For:

Degree in abroad, research in abroad.

Scholarship Field:

Economic history.

The 4 Grants and Fellowships awards are as follows.

  • Arthur H Cole Grants in Aid:
  • The Arthur H Cole Grants in Aid awards have the following features:

    • Awarded for conducting research in economic history
    • Time period or geographic area are not impediments in the field of study
    • Normally the grant amount is of US $ 2,500. Amount may be increased in
    • exceptional cases.
  • Graduate Dissertation
  • The Graduate Dissertation Fellowships have the following features

    • Applicable for students whose thesis topics have already been approved and a part of their dissertation has already been completed
    • Applicants must be members of the EHA
    • The awards under this program are normally for $ 10,000 and cannot be renewed.
  • Exploratory Travel and Data Grants
  • The Exploratory Travel and Data Grants have the following features:

    • Applicable in the case of doctoral students who are already in the process of writing a dissertation on economic history
    • Funding is for specific purposes of research topics
    • The awards will not exceed $ 2,500 under any circumstances
    • The awards cannot be renewed under any circumstances but the awardees can apply in the following year for a Graduate Dissertation Fellowship
  • Annual Meetings Travel and Hotel Subsidies
  • These grants are applicable in the case of graduate students who are interested in sharing the initial results of their theses work. The following benefits are provided to the successful applicants:

    • Travel subsidies for train and air fares (domestic and international)
    • Complimentary rooms in hotels for a maximum of 3 nights
    • A discount of 30% on registration fees
    • A 80 % discount on the Saturday Presidential Banquet

Scholarship Sponsor:

Economic History Association (EHA).

Eligibility for Economic History Association Grants and Fellowships:

All applicants for EHA Grants and Fellowships should be members of the EHA and the applications are required to be emailed to the Association.


Phone: (408) 554-4348
Fax: (408) 554-2331

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